6 cups – Pleasure

This is a wonderful card of harmony and joy. The sixes in the Thoth deck correspond to Tiphareth on the Qabalah and as such as the most perfected point of the element they are in. Here we have joy in just being, the cups are not over full nor empty, they are in a balanced state of harmony connected together with the passion of expression of the self. It is life coming easily and also sexual pleasure, the idea of no goal, just enjoyment of the moment, sensuality and self-expression in the now. The cups are all about the emotions and emotional realms so when this card comes up you can be sure to be enjoying the time or area of life represented (unless in a difficult position… ‘what to avoid’ for eg)

6 cups

The card is connected with sun in Scorpio so there is a feeling of the positive emotional feelings being creative, fertile and productive. Also the idea of commitment to the moment, Scorpio is the fixed water sign, and as such likes to maintain the feelings of this moment and delve into them deeply. So this card represents getting the most out of the good time that is with you. Allow yourself to fully experience the pleasures available to you as with everything it is a peak time and will not be maintained for ever so enjoy every moment while you can. In this sense it can also represent a holiday, or ‘honeymoon period’ of a relationship.

It’s position of Tiphareth also indicates the highest expression of spiritual joy in a physical way – Tiphareth being the point at which the son of God is made man ( in Christian symbolism) for the 6’s The 6 cups is the highest pleasure one can experience through earthly experience, one of the ways to gain this is through sexual pleasure and this card brings this association and energy forward to us.

Both the Scorpio sun and Tiphareth in the emotional world, indicate passion, desire and expression of deep emotions in a positive way.

There is movement in the sea below – the emotional arena must keep moving to prevent stagnation as was once experienced in the 4 cups, so with this knowledge this pleasure is not clinged to despite the delving into its depth. It is as it is and the honesty of the moment is experienced as an eternal truth until the energies change for more development of the soul. It is a card of experiencing the joy of renewal of positive emotions about oneself as well as about others. Celebration and fulfilment, enjoyable activities in what ever area of life the reading indicates. It is a wonderful card to experience.