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Continuous Enrichment

I worked with Emma approximately a decade ago and completed the Initial and Advanced Thoth training and have continued to work with the cards in my own practice. These experiences are consistently enriching and enlightening, but I felt it was time for a refresher. Through private mentoring sessions, I’m understanding how to work with the cards at greater depth and recognize their profound messages in an even more meaningful way. Thank you!

Liz Jansen
Private Sessions
April 26, 2023

Intense personal growth & a stronger, more accessible relationship to the cards

I started this course in a transitional phase in my life, when I could have easily become overwhelmed by fears and self-expectations. Instead, my work with Emma not only guided me through this phase securely and with clear eyes. Her course also asked me to invest emotional energy and labour into myself, helping me grow personally and leaving me more self-assured, with more energy and more at peace with myself. Through all of this, Emma guided me faithfully and with a strong and clear voice, so I never felt alone in this journey.

Emma is an excellent teacher also on a more methodical level. While I had worked with the Thoth for many years before doing this course, her teachings brought me closer to the cards than I was able to imagine. She introduced me to and guided me through different techniques of working with the cards that made it clear that behind each of them, there are vast dimensions to unlock that one would never guess at first glance. These methods also make working with the cards more accessible, less ephemeral, less daunting. They make the cards more *real*. This way, what I learned in this course will benefit me for many years to come.

Emma is a special person and a one-of-a-kind teacher. For anyone who wants to take the Thoth into their lives, I couldn’t think of a better companion to guide you in this.

Phillit Purrmann
Initial Thoth Course
February 10, 2023

Empowering teacher

I have completed both the initial and advanced Thoth courses with Emma and have developed a profound relationship with the Thoth tarot deck. This is wholehearted down to completing both of these courses.

Emma excels at drawing out your internal knowledge and is empowering in style. My reading ability has grown and introduction of various theoretical concepts have aided in further growth. I have now started reading professionally too.

Eternally grateful to Emma for her support and encouragement through this process. I started out overwhelmed with the Thoth to taming the beast to now a die hard lover. Do give this wonderful deck a go with Emma’s support, you won’t regret it.

Emma Lewis
Advanced Thoth
January 11, 2023

Taming of the beast…

I’d been trying to get to grips with Thoth for a while, I was getting no where and completely overwhelmed. I never imagined that this beast of a deck would be tamed and become the deck for me.
Not only was the wild beast calmed I found a deep thought provoking deck that would touch depths of me that I didn’t know we’re there. My reading not only has been transformed, I have developed a working relationship with this deck. And it has now led me to move forward to embark on reading professionally. I had never entertained this idea at all. Struggling to get to grips with Thoth and feeling overwhelmed? Take this course that Emma offers and be open to what may come. Thoth is a wonderful deck and is so rich and full of wonder. Toying with the idea? Take the plunge and you certainly won’t regret it

Emma Lewis
Initial Thoth Course
August 15, 2021

Master Teacher


I started taking courses with Emma on the Thoth Tarot in 2016. I was new to the Tarot, new to Thoth and had been guided to find a course in the Thoth Tarot by a psychic and my spirit guide. I started searching with Google and lo and behold up popped Emma Sunerton-Burl and what a find!! She has guided me from the very beginning when I was full of fear and trepidation until now. I have been living with Thoth Tarot over the past five years and felt I was ready for advanced work with her. This course that I have just finished has been simply extraordinary!

Emma is a master teacher. She seems to instinctively know when to push and when to back off. When to present huge challenges and when to balance that with humor and relief. The vast amount of material we have covered this spring in the past three months is astonishing. It also has been a wonderful gift.

Should you be entertaining the thought of taking the Beginner class or more advanced courses with Emma I would urge you to go for it. For me it has been a life changing experience and I’m looking forward to using my newly developed skills. If you are reading this I suspect you are interested. I encourage you to take the leap. It is just so worth it!! Emma is a gem.

Carolyn Keck
Bespoke Advanced Thoth
June 8, 2021

If you wish to learn and find your own way of reading, this is the place to come and study.

I took Emma’s Thoth classes because she gave me the impression of introducing the Tarot of Thoth as an open field where I could practice, explore and play with my own intuition. And how much did I learn from Emma! Her courses are well written and laid-out, simple to understand with the right balance of structure and openness to our individual uniqueness in card reading. Her exercises and feedbacks are true eye openers, both challenging and fun. If you wish to learn and find your own way of reading, this is the place to come and study. Emma guides and pokes you in the right places so you can learn to see and understand things by yourself – a true teacher.
Thank you Emma.

Arabella de Beaupuy
Initial Thoth Course
June 3, 2021

Feedback and guidance incredibly helpful

I have found your feedback and guidance incredibly helpful. You have always responded promptly, and your comments have helped greatly to take me further. In particular, I think, you have pointed out the gaps in my interpretations and also helped me to see the links between the cards. Following this course has completely transformed my approach to the tarot. It came at exactly the right time, and it has helped me to get things back on track, in spite of the challenges of the current situation.

Initial Thoth Course
February 20, 2021

Emma is an amazing intuitive psychic and a great mentor.

I should preface this by saying that I have taken Emma’s Introduction to the Thoth Tarot, her Beginners class and her Advanced course. I should also say that I am a teacher so I am very aware when I have a teacher who is a total pro. Emma is just that. I was brand new to the Tarot when I began and this has been an incredible and magical journey for me.

Emma’s knowledge is vast and yet, throughout the courses, she introduced material in a fashion that was accessible and not overwhelming. The Thoth Tarot is so complex that I would have been totally overwhelmed if she had covered every aspect in the beginning. By the Advanced course I was ready for the complexity and totally enriched by it. If I got off base Emma guided me back in a gentle way so I never felt vulnerable or exposed.

Now, as I venture out on my own Emma is there for me if I need her advice or help. I should also mention that Emma’s Tarot readings are astute. She goes to the crux of the issue and offers helpful thoughts and insight beyond anything I would have imagined. Quite simply, she’s wonderful!

I was guided to Emma through my spirit guides and will be forever grateful.

Carolyn Keck
mentoring and reading and intro, beginning and advanced courses.
January 24, 2018

Life Changing

I have just completed a course with Emma, on “Accessing Your Own Wisdom”. This is the third course that I have done with Emma, and as usual, it has been exactly the right thing for me, at the right time. We covered several powerful techniques for unlocking insight, and for healing past trauma, which I found invaluable to my ongoing personal development work. Her style of teaching is empowering, and through the experience of working with her, I have become more confident in listening to my intuition, and observing the world around me, using my own insights to connect ever more strongly to the path that lies ahead.

Joanna Grant
Accessing your own wisdom
August 31, 2017

An exceptionally revelatory and transformational course

This has been an exceptionally revelatory and transformational course. The combination of theory and practice for each topic is a powerful tool to delve really deep into one’s psychological and psychic make -up and to access and understand all different part of ourselves.The course offers also a new framework to connect with the cards and to access their messages. All is held together and made even more meaningful by Emma’s incredible guidance and insight. Structurally, the course is gently paced but manages nonetheless to cover an exceptional amount of topics to great depth. I feel very inspire, grounded and empowered by the techniques that I have learnt and they have greatly enriched my personal development work.

A Perrone
TA for Tarot Readers
June 4, 2017

Emma is a master teacher.

Emma is a master teacher. I have just completed the Independent Advanced Course 2 and am just staggered by the amount of material we covered in such a comprehensive and thorough fashion. It could have been very daunting and intimidating but rather, with Emma’s compassionate nature and vast knowledge it was totally thrilling. My understanding of the Thoth Tarot deck is now many faceted. We looked at Numerology, the Kabbalah, Astrology, Life Path, Relationships and Past Life readings. Who would have thought this deck carried so much information? I have come to the end of the course having gained a whole new respect for these incredible cards. The journey will continue but now I feel I have gained confidence and understanding in a way that I never thought possible. Thank you Emma for such a life changing experience.

Carolyn Keck
Independent Advanced Course 2
May 23, 2017

The beginning of a great journey thanks to Emma

Emma Sunerton-Burl is a fabulous teacher. I have just completed her Independent Initial Thoth Course 5 and it was everything I could have asked for and more. Emma is a very gracious, knowledgeable and sensitive tutor. That being said, she demands a lot and is persistent. Her feed-back is incredible. I gained knowledge of reading techniques, ways to access intuition and visualization, advice about how to get started reading for the public and, through it all, so much information about the cards themselves. What a wonderful experience. I encourage anyone who is inclined to sign up for this course. It is so worth the effort! Carolyn

Carolyn Keck
Independent Initial Thoth Course 5
May 11, 2016

Tarot Mentoring

I have just had my first mentoring session with Emma and I am sure it will be the first of many. Emma was able to help me to gain an understanding of what I needed to do to move my dream of running my own tarot business forwards. It was full of very useful advice from a woman who has been through of all the hurdles it takes to make it in the world as a professional tarot reader. Even after just one session I already feel more confident in moving things forward.

Eileen Saunders
Tarot Mentoring
April 8, 2016

Client Comment

Having just completed the Initial Thoth training, I would like to express my deep gratitude to Emma, for guiding me into developing a relationship with the Thoth Tarot.
It has been no less than a life changing experience on so many levels, and I do not say this lightly.
The experience has brought into clear focus, many of the issues that I have struggled with, both in my own personal development, and also in my day to day life. It is like someone finally turned the lights on, so that I could see where I was going, after years and years of struggling in the darkness.
I think to appreciate this course fully, and to get the most out of it, one should be prepared to change, for change you surely will. I have also, of course deepened my knowledge of the Tarot, and gained the confidence to read for other people. I have also developed a profound relationship with the cards through daily visualizations and guided meditations, both of which have left me feeling clear, positive and composed. I cannot recommend this course enough, for those who wish to embark on a journey that they may never forget.

May 18, 2015

Client Comment

I have now done three Thoth Tarot training courses with Emma; the Introductory course, the Beginners Course and the Advanced course. I have loved every one.

Emma has taken me on a journey of self exploration, higher awakening and opened my eyes up to the infinite possibilities that the cards offer.

She has been an amazing online teacher; always there if you need something explaining, patient, understanding, very knowledgable about the cards, extremely professional and passionate about the Thoth.

I have learnt so much from her, things I never knew were even possible or within my reach. I have grown as a person through doing these courses and feel empowered to help others now too. Emma has helped me gain this confidence and the cards have shown me that it is possible and within my reach.

I shall return to Emma again for further training.

Thank you so much and trust in Emma to show you the way too.

Lucy Coote
February 19, 2015

Client Comment

In case you are wondering whether you should or should not take the journey of deepening yourself in the Thoth deck, I would suggest you to sit with the question whether you find yourself really ready to get to know yourself; ready to let go of limiting patterns, ready to open up to some hidden beauty within? There is, of course, always the choice to keep on hiding or running away. I would not recommend that option; it only increases fear, pain, stuck-ness, anger and self-pity. On the other hand, there is the option of freedom, inner peace, empowerment, joy and the capacity to face life’s challenges with dignity, an open mind and a tender heart. In case that is what you are aiming for, I can highly recommend you to take the leap and throw yourself into the depths of your own being while being held, guided, provoked, questioned and inspired by the Thoth images and be open to the inner (and outer) journey they can elicit. Each of the images is en expression of you and I and the moment we can embrace that and own that, we can truly embrace that what we are and start living a full life. Whether you want to use the cards for self-development or to work with others; the first step is to get to love and own the images as if they were a part of you.
And in a very professional and clear structured and sensible sequence, with so much care, knowledge and love Emma will be present; all the time ready to challenge when necessary, to hold when you feel falling, to let go when you are ready to fly, all the while just very gently sending you her blessings. Growing is a necessity, making the leap an option. In this case, it is safe and highly recommendable to opt!

Jessica Abicht
July 25, 2014

Client Comment

I have studied with Emma for three years now, in both her online courses and one to one mentoring. All have been brilliant, illuminating experiences.

As I wanted to further my understanding of tarot, in particular its background and evolvement, she kindly designed a course for me – History and Symbolism in Tarot.

I completed it last week and it has been not just edifying but has completely changed my attitude and approach to my readings and tarot in general.

I understand Emma may be offering this course in the near future and I would urge you to consider it if you enjoy an academic challenge and I can assure you it will not only enrich your knowledge base but give even more depth to your readings.

July 3, 2014

Client Comment

I recently completed the Initial Thoth course which has been amazing – in fact nothing short of transformative. Emma is very gifted and goes to great lengths in providing detailed guidance and encouragement throughout all of the exercises, many of which involved inner searching in some depth. This course for me was like a voyage of self discovery and my trust in the cards and also in my own abilities has soared. I did not imagine before I started the course that I would be able to read for others, but my doubts soon dissipated. I would thoroughly recommend this course. 🙂

June 25, 2014

Client Comment

Having just completed the ‘Absolute Beginners In Tarot Module’ I will, without any hesitation, wholly recommend this three week course!

You are gently introduced to the world of the Thoth Tarot which is not nearly as forbidding or ‘not for the beginner’ as some reviewers/commentators would have you believe.

Emma’s skilful, generous teaching and support leads you through the fundamentals in a gentle, intuitive way and gives you a wonderful basic grounding in this alluring, deep and mysterious deck.

Thank you again Emma!

April 13, 2014

Client Comment

Developing your Intuition

In my search to become a better Tarot reader I have experienced more than one tutor, or mentor. I can only say Emma is the best, kind, considerate and very skilled. I would recommend this course to any one who wishes to make a positive move forward.

January 14, 2014

Client Comment

I’m astounded by how much I’ve learned in the three-week Absolute Beginner course. The exercises I was assigned wisely encouraged me to interact deeply with the cards on a daily basis and to journal about them. I am learning to look more closely at a card to see the many, many things that are not so obvious at first glance, and to feel into what it says to me. I have had numerous decks over the years and enjoyed playing with them but this one has captured my heart like no other, and it’s the first time I’ve wanted to learn much more about a deck and how to use it.
Emma is a very sweet guide who validated my intuition while at the same time pointing things out that I hadn’t seen or thought about. She was very generous with her comments and time and is clearly an adept. The exercises pushed against my comfort zone to help free me to more readily trust my intuition and speak up. What was reinforced is that it really is trustworthy.
I don’t see how you can spend only two hours a week on the exercises but I also know I did more than was required by the curriculum, simply because I’m on fire with learning at the moment!
If you really are a beginner like me, this course is a great place to start. Even if you have used other decks, this one is so unique that you might want to unlearn what you knew before and start fresh!
Two thumbs up!

May 9, 2013

Client Comment

Emma is highly recommended for those starting a professional tarot and coaching business. I’ve just started my new venture and find my monthly sessions with Emma have helped me not only take the leap to start my business but take leaps and bounds in my development. From improving my communication skills to ensure I exercise compassion and values based action with my clients at all times, to making significant progress to develop my psychic skills, to being a great reflector to help me overcome the practical challenges of running my business because she’s been there and done it!! Most of all it’s reassuring to have her on the end of the phone supporting me because those first courageous steps can be a bit daunting! Thank you Emma!! X

Frea O'Brien
September 6, 2012

Client Comment

I am so grateful to have taken the Advanced Thoth training course. The course itself is rich with content and added so much to my understanding of tarot. Even greater was the wisdom, guidance and insights shared by Emma. I highly recommend it.

June 27, 2012

Client Comment

I have just completed the Initial Thoth course. Wow what a personal transformation that Emma’s course has inspired. The personal development has enabled me to let go of a job that was draining me. It’s given me the confidence to leave and set up my own company so I can truly follow my calling. I feel that my life is more balanced and I’ve reset my priorities, even more so as by the end of course I also discovered that I’m expecting a child. Blossomings all round!! Thanks Emma for being a fabulous guide!

Frea O Brien
May 21, 2012

Client Comment

“Initial Thoth Course: I only started learning the Thoth Tarot at the start of the year and now having finished this course wonder where they have been all my life! My own understanding of the Thoth, and intuition, have been greatly enhanced through this course, and this has been in no small measure down to the dedication, expertise, not to mention the incredible intuitive guidance that I have received from Emma. I cannot recommend Emma high enough, and for anyone who is drawn to the Thoth and is looking for guidance and teachings, then as far as I am concerned then you should look no further than Emma. “

September 7, 2011

Client Comment

“Initial Thoth Course: Fabulous course! This course has opened up a whole new world of insights. It has reinforced the accuracy of my intuition, honed it, increased my trust, independence and confidence in my inner guide. Emma is extremely knowledgeable, knows how to impart that and in short, an amazing teacher. Thank you again. “

September 7, 2011

Client Comment

“Initial Thoth Course: This course isn’t just about developing your intuition with the Thoth, it’s a spiritual journey. I really could not praise it highly enough – content, delivery and support – the whole package is first class. If I thought it wouldn’t put make people think ‘oh come off it’, I would say: this course could seriously change your life! “

January 26, 2011

Client Comment

“Initial Thoth Course: Another fantastic course by Emma!!! I totally enjoyed this from start to finish and with Emma’s help and guidance, have gained so much more confidence in my readings and knowledge of the Thoth. I would encourage anyone interested in this deck to come along and take advantage of the courses that Emma runs – you’ll be amazed!!”

"Joy Duffill"
January 21, 2011

Client Comment

“Enhance your Tarot Skills: A totally fabulous course – I completely loved it and learned so much about the Thoth and about myself too. I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out with the Thoth deck and also, for anyone on a journey of self development. Emma and Semele are both wonderful ladies, with a beautiful way of teaching – thank you both xx Blessings Joy -x- “

"Joy Duffill"
June 27, 2010

Client Comment

“* How would you improve the course?Absolutely cannot think of anything….I know money isn’t everything but I certainly put in more than 2 hours a week (probably more like 7) because I wanted to and I got so much value back. I never anticipated this much inner development and support. I’m thinking the only improvement would be to charge more to reflect the value – at least 16 weeks x £20! “

"Frea O'Brien"
October 15, 2009

Client Comment

“just wanted to say a massive thank you for yesterday emma, it was fascinating and really enjoyed myself.i love the way you got me to approach tarot from a different angle and you brought out in me whats been hiding for years xx”

"Nicola Williams"
September 3, 2009

Client Comment

“I just want to say a massive thank you for today. The Thoth Tarot Taster was amazing. Wonderful people. Wonderful location. Emma your knowledge & support & encouragement & patience seems boundless.You have given me the confidence to go forward with this. I am seriously considering doing another course with you. I will be recommending both you & your courses to friends. Everything was just right, just as it should be. Love and light Donna xx”

"Donna Jones"
September 3, 2009

Client Comment

“When I discovered that I could both stay at the Snowdonia Retreat and meet with Emma for individual Thoth tarot training, I knew it was going to be a very special break for me. My experience surpassed my expectations; Fron Goch is such a peaceful and healing retreat in the heart of Snowdonia and a perfect setting to either be introduced to or to deepen your relationship with the beautiful and enigmatic Thoth tarot deck. Emma Prepared a structured approach to our two meetings whilst I stayed at Fron Goch, and her deep feeling for and experience of the cards was coupled with an exuberant and enthusiastic approach which made it fun as well as meaningful for me. I will never forget my experience at Fron Goch with Emma and the Thoth Tarot, and every time I hold the deck now I remember a very positive and enjoyable time which has created for me an enduring affection for the Thoth tarot.”

"Steve Roxburgh"
June 11, 2009

Client Comment

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course which has covered a broad range of interesting and relevant topics relevant to the Tarot. The programme of work and the supervision has been of a very high quality and one feels that one has therefore achieved something very worthwhile. It has also opened many doors to further study for me. As with the first Thoth course this one has given me greater confidence and a knowledge base to be proud of. Thank you Emma and Semele, I owe much gratitude to you both for what you have given me; which enables me to do my job to a higher standard than I could have achieved otherwise. I would happily recommend your courses to anyone interested in Tarot including those who work as tarot professionals.”

"Ann Duckworth"
February 19, 2009

Client Comment

“Once again [Advanced Thoth] a transformational experience in terms of knowledge and confidence. Thank you both so much. The content is excellent and the tutors superb. I would recommend these Thoth courses to any Tarot enthusiast.”

"Colleen Tucker"
February 19, 2009

Client Comment

“From the Earth (Semele) to the Star (Emma) this trip will take you on a voyage of discovery. Beat the credit crunch and minimise your carbon footprint this year by opting out of travelling to the other side of the world. Instead explore a world of magic, adventure, colour, tension, thrills, beauty, heartfelt moments, love, light, laughter and joy – Planet Thoth – aka You! “

"Frea O'Brien"
January 30, 2009

Client Comment

“This course [Initial Thoth] was a very positive and synchronistic time for me. I believe that working with the Thoth in this course enabled me to move much more quickly in my own personal development. Emma’s assignments and Thoth with Ziegler’s interpretation nurtured me and gave me hope and focus in a time of great distress. “

"Carolyn Ayres"
June 8, 2008

Client Comment

“This course has been transformational. The techniques provided by Emma and Semele for intuition development are phenomenal. In 16 weeks I managed to achieve something which I have been working on for the past 15 years. I have no hesitation in recommending this course. It is fantastic.”

"Colleen Tucker"
February 2, 2008

Client Comment

“I really enjoyed the course and miss it!! I felt it was about the right level though I did feel that the other ladies were further advanced than me but it was interesting reading their views and ideas in regard to the topics. I felt that I learned a lot from the Course and would be interested in pursuing it further. I very much appreciated all the feed back I received and would reccommend the course to others. “

"Tracey Longespe"
January 29, 2008

Client Comment

“This Course changed my approach to myself and my reactions to significant others in my life. I have learned so much about myself from the Advanced Thoth Course and whilst the Course was challenging it was also one of the most rewarding learning experiences of my life. Congratulations and thanks to Emma for being such a supportive and intuitive teacher to us all.”

"Annie Llewellyn"
January 28, 2008

Client Comment

“The Thoth deck has been a compass through uncharted waters for me”

"Lauren D'Silva"
January 20, 2008

Client Comment

“I would like to add also that whenever I complete a topic I get a real sense of having moved something and whilst that probably sounds a bit silly, I feel really good about it. I have really enjoyed it. Thankyou!! I have enjoyed this course [Initial Thoth] immensely and would recommend it highly to anyone wishing to develop their reading skills and encourage their confidence when undertaking readings for others. I have found the support to be of the highest quality and have felt really nurtured throughout the course. Feedback is consistently detailed and constructive – including references where appropriate to previous topic work.”

"Ann Duckworth"
January 12, 2008

Client Comment

“Emma, I just want to say a huge thank you for your Further Thoth Course. Although I was unable to complete the final exercises, due to my awful time management (not yours!), I found what I did do immensely stimulating. This course opened the door to the depth and the fascination that are to be found in Thoth, and in the words of the ad, ‘I didn’t know there was so much in it’, til I started working with you and my fellow students. I also wanted to say how much I appreciated your sensitivity and insight when we were working in depth on some real personal issues. A really great learning experience, thanks so much!!!”

"Phil Croft"
September 3, 2007

Client Comment

” I think your course [Advanced Thoth] is superb and I have gained a huge amount from it, not only knowledge about the Thoth, but new ways of looking at readings and understanding myself better through the work we have done. Your knowledge and your constant support and kindness have been wonderful –thank you very, very much!”

"Tracey Bell"
August 27, 2007

Client Comment

“I love that Emma and Semele coped well with our vastly varying levels of expertise and understanding of the Thoth deck, the Tarot generally and various related subjects such as Kabbalah, Numerology, Astrology, etc. It was great to see the sharing and learning within the group. Thank you. The consolidation weeks were a godsend. I loved them and loved the fact that it gave me chance to review my work, other people’s work and to really absorb the learning. In my view they are invaluable. I’d even go so far as to say they are vital to understanding the new work. Too many times I have attended training sessions which have thrown lots of information at me without allowing time for it to “”land””. This was different and my knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the Thoth Tarot have grown as a direct result of these consolidation weeks. They allow time to integrate and use the learning. This course has been amazing and I have loved every minute of it. I know that I will be going back over my note to pick out new levels of learning and that will certainly happen as I catch up on the digests. I’m delighted that you have given us the opportunity to continue “”meeting”” and communicating via the support forum. What an excellent idea! Thank you so much to Emma and Semele for the support and guidance you have given me throughout this course. You have gone above and beyond”” whatever I expected and I appreciate that. This is an amazing course full of new ideas, approaches and insights into this beautiful deck. Being on the course is like opening a treasure chest that is deeper and richer than I could ever have imagined. The course is well structured with practical, warm support and guidance along the way. You will be in safe hands as you delve deeper into the delights of the Thoth – it’s a whole new relationship to Tarot.”

"Mary Collins"
August 22, 2007

Client Comment

” this has been a brilliant and enlightening course which has set me on the path of making my mark on the world, in the confidence that is what I am meant to be doing.”

"Kristina Jackson"
July 9, 2007

Client Comment

“I absolutely 100% enjoyed the course, it surpassed all my expectations. I feel I have grown not only as a basic Tarot reader but also that my relationship with Thoth (which was very shaky and nerve wracking at the beginning of the course – the cards intimidated me) has grown immensely. I am now a confident, intuitive Thoth reader, something I never dared hope I would be. I also feel that I have grown psychologically as a person and discovered a lot of interesting things about myself in the process. This was all done in a warm, nurturing, supportive environment and I am delighted with the results. I can’t wait to sign up for part two of the course!”

"Clare Sherrard"
July 8, 2007

Client Comment

“This is one of the most positive learning experiences I have ever had. I started off thinking this was a course about the Tarot and yet it changed my perspective of myself and I grew as a person through the whole process. It is an absolute must for those who wish to pursue the path of personal development and learn more about the tarot in the process.”

"Annie Llewellyn"
July 6, 2007

Client Comment

“I would recommend it to anyone wanting to use the Thoth but are unsure of how to do it. You would get an indepth look at Thoth, how it can relate to you on a personal level and this course would also give you the confidence not to shy away from using it.”

"Helen Rodgers"
February 12, 2007

Client Comment

“I think the Course was very, very good for me and came at a stage of my life where I had a great deal of learning to do and so gave me valuable insight into the emerging processes. The Course wasn’t easy for me in any way, shape or form, but it was interesting to see that even the very experienced readers amongst us were sharing the same type of struggles. This was illuminating for me. Friends still clamour for my readings and I am happy to oblige! “

"Jane Booth"
February 11, 2007

Client Comment

“I feel that i’ve learnt a lot from this course [Initial Thoth] and that i’ve managed to overcome the reputation the Thoth deck has of being, “”scary”” and that you should approach it purely from a theorectical, symbology approach.It’s made me realise that i can read with this deck and that i do have intuition and that listening to it is a good thing.”

"Sharon Walker"
February 11, 2007

Client Comment

“I had been intimidated by Thoth since buying it three years ago, and whilst feeling a powerful attraction to it, shelved it as ‘too difficult’ to turn into a working deck. Emma’s course enabled me to develop a powerful, respectful and loving relationship with Thoth and I will be using it as a working deck very soon. What made the difference? Emma’s deep love and knowledge of Thoth, and her creation of a sensitive, as well as challenging, learning environment in which I felt I could take risks and stretch myself. That was what made the difference. Thanks Emma, I owe you one! J”

"Phil Croft"
February 8, 2007