This month’s card to look at is Adjustment.


Now; I realise as I post this, this was the card I spoke about last month. Last month I picked it from the deck – with the ‘What do people what to know more about.’ intention. This month I had completely forgotten last month’s card and just was very drawn to discuss this card. It is only now as I paste this into the email that I see we were talking of it last month. However I feel my approach to the same card is somewhat different in discussion here to last month so I will stay with it and just allow the further discussion to further inform. I hope you enjoy it 😀

In other decks Adjustment is the Justice card. Here Crowley connects the card as the feminine counterpart of the Fool. As the fool jumps and follows his instinct and intuition without any guarantees so Adjustment is the response the universe gives to our impulses. The resulting feedback to our actions in a sense.

When this card turns up in a spread we can see it as the need to maintain balance and recognise our influence in the world – if we are out of balance in ourselves then the world around us seems chaotic and imbalanced. As we increase our self balance so the universe reflects this back to us.

On the card we see the woman has a mask on her and she is not looking at external actions and results in the world but rather is looking internally to her own inner world and her responses to the different sides of herself. As she listens intently so her action can be made accurately and to reflect her own inner truth. This ensures the world around also reflects her inner truth. If we spend time in meditation we can find this inner balance, from this place then we make our decisions and as we do this so what the universe sends back to us is closer to what we truly feel and believe.

It can be seen as the law of karma, however a simplistic look at this removes the sense of self destiny, learning necessary lessons and can tempt us into a punishment and control ethos – this is not what this card is about. It is more about the fine balance we keep ourselves in. The making of decisions after carefully weighing up the ramifications of all we say, do and don’t do. As we consider all points of view from our deepest self so we find the response that moves us forward on our highest path of development.

The card is ruled by libra, which is the scales and also concerned with keeping the peace, finding balance and reducing extreme demonstrations to the minimum. This energy can be blocking in some circumstances where we find we are so busy keeping the peace we have forgotten to listen to our own truth. So when this card is surrounded by difficulty then the need to go within and allow ourselves to witness fully our extremes is the way to release the stuckness experienced. It is as if we are so busy balancing we have forgotten to look what is in the scales and decide whether it has merit.

Fours are represented here by the orbs, these sets of 4 are reminding us that stability is possible if we don’t allow external circumstances to throw us off balance. We can experience peace at this time, and even large difficulties can be navigated successfully.