3 Wands

This month I am looking at the 3 wands. This card is a personal favourite of mine and for me in readings for myself it often represents my family. The 3’s are the creation of 2 into a third Kabbalistically we have the separation from oneness (aces) to the 2’s and then in the 3’s the 2 come together and create offspring – a third. So all the 3’s are connected with creative principles in some form. Chokmah – the idea (2’s), is built upon in Binah(3’s). Something is manifest from a thought.


In the suit of wands we also have the concept of passion, spirituality and raw energy. So 3 wands is also related to creating something of great meaning. In the Thoth it is linked to Sun in Aries. Sun in Aries is a very active sign – there is lots of energy and passion to get things done and make things happen. there is also a good deal of leadership power. An Aries character can be related to a youthful warrior, perhaps a little over keen at times, but strong and courageous and able to forge ahead fearlessly even in the face of opposition. Aires is also a representation of the beginning of spring.

We have the culmination of personal power in 2 wands being acted upon and bring forth new life in the 3 wands. According to Snuffin the lotus wand is associated with Isis and symbolises the power of creation. It can also be seen as a magickal tool used in creative magick, to bring forth our will into the physical reality.

So this card is a very creative card and in a wide sense, not simply self expression but the bringing into being of many different types of things, I often see this as the creation of something in the workplace that you have great enthusiasm for. It can come through the partnership of a few people too, rather than simply a sole endeavour.