Ace Disks

This months Thoth focus is on the Ace Disks.

The initial impression of this card is that it is very Earthy and also many layered like a tree with its rings. One might expect this as the Disks relate the the Earth Element. We could relate the rings of growth to the experience of the previous elements through the minor cards, or looking at the Kabbalah through the other worlds as spiritual energy descends to earth through the four Kabbalistic worlds.  Starting with the realm of fire (Atziluth) in the Wands and ending with the realm of the Earth (Assiah) in the Disks.

Crowley makes clear in the Book of  Thoth that he intends the Earth to represent matter and the material of our world rather than a mundane association with money or coins. The Aces are at Kether where all potential of the realm exist and then begin their descent into full manifestation the further down the tree of life we travel.

In terms of meaning hear we have the potential of all practical things to manifest. Much behinds us in the other realms now there is less resistance to full physical manifestation of our dreams. It is the entrance into the creating of our own reality the groundwork having been done.

When this card appears in a spread then all the internal work we have been doing is about to produce physical changes in our physical world – we have the option to choose how we would like to direct this energy, we may be at planning stage, or ideas stage, but whatever we decide upon can come to be.

In the naming of this suit as disks rather than coins we also have the sense of spinning things, such as planets, stars and other movable bodies of matter. There is a sense of movement even if it is not directly discernible sometimes.

Certainly this card speaks of a lot of potential available to be expressed, and as all aces it heralds new beginnings particularly of a practical nature.  Security and stability are also well aspected here.  The green shows a good deal of growth and potential particularly in an organic sense; where something naturally grows rather than manifesting the desired outcome from the start. This allows our desire to start small, like a seed, and grow into the shape it does over time, with our nudges and reading of the environment as time progresses. Often this leads to a stronger structure in the longer term.