Thoth and the Weather

Thoth and the Weather
This is something I am recently working with, as I go out into the mountains on regular occasions I have decided to see what the Thoth has to say about the weather – from time to time I will update you to my findings. Please feel free to discuss your own findings on this thread.

So last weekend there were two choices for walking in the Brecon Beacons I picked a card for each, 

The Black Mountain area – Queen of Swords
The Beacons themselves – Hanged Man

This was for the physical experience of the mountains rather than our personal or emotional experience. 

The Associations that came up for each were as follows:
Queen of Swords:- She is sitting on the clouds, has her head in the clouds, there is a feeling of height and being able to see the view below. So I felt this was a good indication of the cloud cover being high and we would be able to see around us for the most part of the walk. She is also someone who is quite detached and cool headed in things which I associated with it being colder than usual – or than it had been recently. 

Hanged Man:- He is upside down, perhaps we would experience an inversion – a relatively unusual occurrence where the top of the mountains are in clear sky and the clouds are below in the valley, This is a card of water, so there is suggestion of rain or fog, and with the ideas of trust and surrender I have the association that we wouldn’t be able to see where we were going but would have to trust in our skills. So low cloud, some rain and fog, possible inversion too. 

We chose to go to the Black Mountain area, and experienced a small portion of the time in some mist, but overall the day was clear we could see far across the land – there was snow on the tops which was unexpected, yet not from the Queens indication of cold. We could also look across to the Beacon area from where we were and there was indeed some inversion going on around the peaks there and a lot of white cloud which would be experienced as fog, with possible drizzle. 

A positive set of associations with these cards I feel.