Taming of the beast…

I’d been trying to get to grips with Thoth for a while, I was getting no where and completely overwhelmed. I never imagined that this beast of a deck would be tamed and become the deck for me.
Not only was the wild beast calmed I found a deep thought provoking deck that would touch depths of me that I didn’t know we’re there. My reading not only has been transformed, I have developed a working relationship with this deck. And it has now led me to move forward to embark on reading professionally. I had never entertained this idea at all. Struggling to get to grips with Thoth and feeling overwhelmed? Take this course that Emma offers and be open to what may come. Thoth is a wonderful deck and is so rich and full of wonder. Toying with the idea? Take the plunge and you certainly won’t regret it

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