Numerology is the synchronicity of numbers as a reflection of the universe. How numbers add up, subtract etc brings meaning. It is an old tradition and there are many well used and accepted ways of determining aspects of our character. This month I am going to look how we find our soul and personality numbers and relate them to the Major arcana of the Thoth deck. I will use my own numbers as an example.

So My birthday is 4th June 1966

that’s 4/6/1966

To find out your personality number you add up the digits until you come to a number under 21


4 + 6 + 1966 = 1976

then reduce this down to a number under 21

1 + 9 + 7 + 6 = 23

2 + 3 = 5

So my personality number is 5 and this matches to the Hierophant in the major arcana.


In my case my soul number is also 5, however if your first number under 21 is something like 14 then you can reduce this further 1 + 4 = 5 so someone with a personality number of 14 – which is Art also has the Hierophant as their soul number.

If you have three numbers under 21 then the middle one is the creativity number. for example if your first number under 21 is 19 then this reduces to 10 which then reduced to 1

So your Soul card would be 1 – Magus

Creativity card 10 – Fortune

Personality card 19 – The Sun

So once you have your card you can see the essences that will play out in your personality and the lessons you are learning in your soul in this lifetime.

For me I am the Hierophant both in personality and in my soul growth..

This shows in my life as a need to teach and also to learn constantly, all through my life I recognise this energy. There are aspects of wanting to find the higher purpose in all that life presents before me – both in my inner world and in my outer expression within the world. As I look at the Hierophant card I see my determination and sometimes stubbornness in the bull – and also the determination to overcome obstacles that present themselves to me in my path from the elephant – often looking to the highest view to understand and overcome the block in front of me. My intuition (high priestess on the card) guides me as I walk forward and aim to both learn and teach all who would be open to learning. I have a tendency to like rules yet also fight against them, finding the highest rules, the spiritual laws, that govern all things wherever possible. Knowing too that I am ever as a child and will never understand it all, nor should I – retaining the innocence of incarnation in this world – though we can touch other planes, experiencing then in many and varied ways, we can never forget that whilst we are living in the physical we can’t fully comprehend the magnificence of the whole, nor assume we can truly know another’s pathway fully – though we are sometimes privy to snapshots in time of another’s life, only our own soul truly knows our destiny over time and space, lifetime through lifetime.

The Hierophant is ruled by Taurus so Taurean energies are apparent also, The love of beauty, creativity and art. A strong connection with nature and the earth and the fixed nature of change coming slowly and in a considered way. More details on Taurus can be found on Skyscript – an excellent astrology resource