Knight of Swords

In this card we have the aspects of fiery air. So hurricanes and storms, forces of passion built in the mind. This knight is the knight of ideas, goals and plans. He is able to focus and follow his inspired ideas. The ideas come inspirationally, but once there acquire a force of their own. The knight sets about doing what is needed to carry them out.

Knight of Swords

This knight rules the decan from 21st degree of Taurus to 20th degree of Gemini – so we have the energy of the mind in Gemini with the influence of the stability and determination of Taurus. Ideas are solid and committed to without wavering.

The birds flying alongside represent the inspirational source of the ideas, and the knights ability to hear and listen to their guidance as he moves forward, making micro-adjustments as he needs to to overcome potential blocks and set backs. Knights are connected with Chokmah on the Kabbalah and so are also linked to neptune through this association, so knights all have a wisdom about them and this knight of Swords shows his wisdom in the form of his thoughts and ideas. He is a good problem solver through the aha moments in the bath or whilst on the move.

There is a feeling of speed and travel with this card- particularly flight, so on the mundane level trips abroad and anything connected with swift movement through air is indicated here.

A person represented by this card is someone who is clever, skilful, subtle and also follows their own inspired thoughts for good of bad – there is a sense of attack in some situations – whether it is attacking a problem for the good or a more forceful manner than is actually needed. The side it falls on can be told from surrounding cards or intuition. This person does think things through and gathers data to back up his plans, but everything is done very quickly and with great focus. There is not the slow deliberation that is associated with more earthy characters. With this speed there is also the possibility of changes in direction – not in a scattered way so much as the ability to be flexible when the need arises.