4 swords – Truce

This card is one of balance in the realm of the mind.

There is a place of seeming peace that has been reached – yet this has come by way of compromise there is a force represented by Jupiter of desire to move things on and expand, to grow – but Jupiter in Libra has that balancing force of Libra acting on it preventing full expansion unless all desire it. The peace is kept at all costs. When this comes up it is a time to allow the balance to be as it is for the time being – recovery and recuperation can take place in this period of time. No striving, just resting with things as they are. It can be a good time to begin to realise what will need to change when the energy shifts from this place. Anything that has been sacrificed to bring this peace will need to be recovered for truth to be reclaimed and integrity regained. It is a force of love that is keeping this balance – there is no error. Awareness is needed though and the strength to allow the waters to be stirred when the time is right. What has been un said will need to be communicated, what has been conveniently forgotten needs to be remembered. The blue of communication in the background it punctuated by the yellow of self-esteem. The self-esteem and desire for the truth is building in this phase, whilst the situation is stable. The rose of love and beauty in the center is being held back by the swords coming to this focal point of seeming peace. Only when the courage to face the truth is taken then can the rose truly be seen in its full glory. So gather your strength and resources and make ready for the uncovering of the truth. For the truth will set you free. The cross is a protective symbol you may have been kept from the truth by another and their motivation may have been one of protection and the idea that protecting you from the truth would hurt less – however this premise is false and needs to be challenged as you have the strength and self-esteem to face the truth and once it is known it can be dealt with effectively. So do not keep the peace with others to protect them rather understand that there is a great respect in knowing someone has all skills needed to deal with whatever the truth is in a situation.

Affirmations to go with this card include:-

I am at peace within myself
The trust sets me free
When I am at peace in myself nothing can disturb me
I trust that I and others have all the skills we need to face the truth of the situation