2 cups – love

A beautiful card for us to explore for the new year. Just a reminder all my courses run on a one to one basis through a private forum, so as soon as you are ready to explore the Thoth and your own intuitive connection to it then let me know and we can start your training. Full details of all the courses and aspects I cover are on my website (see the link at the side).

Now onto the 2 of cups

2 cups

In the Kabbalah we are at Chockmah with this card and it is the wisdom of the world of the cups, emotions and feelings, how we flow with things or not. It is connected to the wisdom of water. When this card arises we can make a lot of progress by simply watching water and how it interacts with things around, and liken this to ourselves how we flow in our connections to others. On the card we see depicted the flow from spirit to earth – from the oneness of everything into duality – from our wholeness into relationship with another, so we can see ourselves more clearly through the reflection of our own nature another brings to us.. very often there are the lessons we learn the most strongly in our relationships and this is the card of relationship with that someone special, as well as all forms of partnership. Usually seen from it positive angle that differences are appreciated and add to the relationship rather than cause destructive energies, we allow ourselves to be like the fish – both living in the water, flowing with it, yet separate from it. Taking something in – the nourishment we need, and releasing all else. In successful relationships of all kinds this is the process we all go through – taking what we can learn from another but leaving the energies that are not truly ours. We allow the resonating parts of ourselves expression and simply accept as part of the other person all that which is unlike us. In truth we all hold everything in us – all potentials and possibilities are there, however we also discern what our soul is asking us to express in any particular moment and make our choices on how to react to the environment to reflect this inner truth. Sometimes we do the same as someone else – other times we are uniquely different and vice versa.

This card represents Crowley’s main dictum – “Love under Will” where we have the purest form of love. We use our will – our connection to our soul – to direct our action towards the expression of love on this earthly plane. Hence its common connection with romantic relationship, and one that is flourishing.

The card astrologically is linked to Venus in Cancer – a positive placement with love abound in familiar relationships.

The fish have different coloured eyes, golden (sun) and silver (moon) so represent the balance of the masculine and feminine energies – within oneself and within the relationships we are involved in. There is no power struggle, or conflict between what we feel to be true and how we act. As such we attract people to us who mirror this also and so we find ourselves amongst more loving relationships then we may have experienced before.


2 Cups

2 Cups Love

I thought this month I would explore one of the more positive cards in the Thoth deck – here we have the 2 cups – entitled Love. A card people want to see in regards to relationship matters as it is a card of balanced and even love. A relationship that can last that has both partners as equals supporting each other but standing on their own two feet too.

2 cups

As we look at the image we see two fish entwined and feeding energy in the form of light into the lotus of spiritual love they are standing on – this shows them as separate yet also each has an equal footing in the relationship that is balanced. The fish symbolises love and Crowley talks about them being dolphins though clearly they do not resemble dolphins in their depiction on the card. Dolphins are creatures of love, often associated with spiritual love and giving, fish in general are connected with water and thus the emotions. Here they are in balance and feed into the central stricture as a well as acting as a bouncing point for spiritual love from higher sources to bounce from and on out to the wider world.

In the way you often see when you are in love the whole world around you seems a better place and it is easier to love all people as you are feeling filled with love yourself.

Being a ‘2’ card it is a card that has just differentiated from the unity of spirit into two things so the driving force is to return to that union, so in relationship we seek to unite with our lover and become one again, yet there is also the tension of being in the physical world and complete union through all time is difficult or impossible to achieve physically though our souls may experience the union fairly fully.

You can see how the spiritual love from the two feeds the two at the foreground of the image and these two are cups overflowing – there is an abundance of love and it is never-ending in this card. There is a hint though given the four receptacles – two lotus’ and two cups that once stability (4 is stability) is achieved then there will need to be a shift and movement to allow development or else stagnation will settle in (reference to the 4 cups that is coming)

The background is yellow calm sea becoming green in the foreground indicating a sense of positive self-regard and self-esteem (the yellow) is the source of the love (green) and this relationship is founded in the self-love that each person has of themselves – we can not fully love another until we love ourselves. In some cases it may well be that each person has indeed fallen in love with a reflection of themselves in the other person – something they may not yet have seen in themselves.

Snuffin talks about the symbolism of the dolphins being additionally connected to the sun and the moon – with each fish a different eye colour – the one on the left has a yellow eye representing the sun and the one on the right a silver eye representing the moon. In addition there is a tenuous link with the Emperor and Empress with the 5 and 4 fins on the inner side of each dolphin, and these cards being the 5th and 4th trumps (fool = 0) personally I do feel this is tenuous – though in an intuitive sense makes for a good connection between the two poles of energy each of us has – the masculine and feminine. As we integrate these so we are better able to be whole in our relationships with others and make for better, more harmonious and loving interactions. So in this sense it is a useful trigger point in a reading.

With the astrology being Venus in Cancer and this is harmonious in itself we have additional links with beauty, the home and a feeling of emotional stability, love and protection.