Emma is an amazing intuitive psychic and a great mentor.

I should preface this by saying that I have taken Emma’s Introduction to the Thoth Tarot, her Beginners class and her Advanced course. I should also say that I am a teacher so I am very aware when I have a teacher who is a total pro. Emma is just that. I was brand new to the Tarot when I began and this has been an incredible and magical journey for me.

Emma’s knowledge is vast and yet, throughout the courses, she introduced material in a fashion that was accessible and not overwhelming. The Thoth Tarot is so complex that I would have been totally overwhelmed if she had covered every aspect in the beginning. By the Advanced course I was ready for the complexity and totally enriched by it. If I got off base Emma guided me back in a gentle way so I never felt vulnerable or exposed.

Now, as I venture out on my own Emma is there for me if I need her advice or help. I should also mention that Emma’s Tarot readings are astute. She goes to the crux of the issue and offers helpful thoughts and insight beyond anything I would have imagined. Quite simply, she’s wonderful!

I was guided to Emma through my spirit guides and will be forever grateful.