Transactional Analysis for Tarot Readers

Transactional Analysis is a theory of personality and of change through psychological understanding and awareness. As tarot readers it is very useful to have a deeper understanding of the psychological aspects of our clients and ourselves. It aids clearing our channel to intuitive information and also helps us see our clients clearly and offer them readings delivered in a sensitive way.

In this course I introduce you to the basic concepts of this theory and also how to connect the tarot with these ideas. There is a lot of personal work in this course so you can experience your own increase in self awareness and if you choose to, personal change. It also encourages you to make links for yourself with these ideas and your deck.

This course is held online and on a one-to-one basis. Each topic is taken over two weeks – the first for posting responses to exercises and the second for our discussion and further understanding and consolidation.

Available as a one-to-one course, held online. It covers the following topics:

Topic 1 ‐ Introductions and the Parent Adult Child model
Parent, Adult, Child Ego states and how they are expressed in our interactions, recognition and self awareness
Topic 2 ‐ Working with your Inner Child
Inner child work – accessing your playfulness, feelings, and spiritual self
Topic 3 ‐ Working with your Inner Parent
Getting to know the parent within, and understanding inner dynamics
Topic 4 ‐ Transactions and Time Structuring
Understanding how we interact with each other and the concept of intensity of interaction and structure of our interactions.
Topic 5 ‐ Games
Psychological games we play – recognising them and understanding the dynamics
Topic 6 ‐ Breaking out of Games ‐ Moving to Intimacy
How we can stop the games we are involved in and become more authentic in all our interactions
Topic 7 ‐ Life Scripts
How we live our early decisions and scripts we decide upon as a child. Finding our own script.
Feedback and Goodbye
You may find it useful to have extra one-to-one sessions with a therapist  during this course to assist your personal change should this be your goal.

Cost is £770 for this 18 week course.

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