Prince of Cups


Prince of Cups
This month I am going to muse upon the Prince of Cups the card drawn for you all this time…
This card is particularly powerful in the Thoth deck I feel. It talks of emotional exploration and the connection with another both emotionally and very often sexually too. A time for open exploration in a relationship, of all the desires and fantasies each partner has, nothing censored and all shared with the view to love and connect on a deeper level. Though as a court card, this card can represent a person who is youthful in outlook, free and prepared to try anything once, he also follows his passion and desire wherever it may lead and so often may indicate that the relationship – though very passionate, open and caring may not last forever, and when the exchange of ideas and feelings has been done then each person moves on with greater integration in their lives. Of course in a committed long-term relationship, the freedom aspect of this card can indicate that the two partners are able to be freer than perhaps they once were – to both express and experience feelings and desires with each other – even if some of the fantasies involve others, without jealousy or discomfort. It is like all the truth is set free for the possibility of transformation of each person.
Prince Cups

The building of love is less the focus than personal discovery honesty and truth coloured with spiritual clarity. It is like the love is there and assumed – no long needs to be the focus to grow – but grows through the open acceptance of each other and each persons respective growth path. 

This card can also represent travel to foreign lands – by air in particular for the purposes of self-development and growth – rather than just a holiday, a sense of wanting to be changed by the experience and this being the main goal. 

This card is also about allowing yourself to face what your true desires are in life – not just in the relationship realm but also in career, family and spiritually – it asks us to look at what is it we really are inspired by – what would give us the greatest pleasure. As we acknowledge the deepest desires in ourselves we come to see that perhaps our dreams are not so impossible and perhaps we can indeed create our world in the image of our desires and all will be well. In fact it turns out it is what we are here to do. Great insight into the self can be attained by allowing our unconscious to have more free rein on our lives and showing us where we are going and how that differs or not from what we truly want in this life. All is allowed, once acknowledging that our wants and needs are as important as others we can express ourselves and often our assumptions about others responses is incorrect and there is more space to move then we have allowed ourselves. Set yourself free! Embrace it all and allow yourself to be changed by the truth within you. 

My Associations with the simple image forms:
blue – communication
purple – spiritual force
flower – love and the attainment of spiritual love
snake – transformation, sexuality
cup – emotional being
naked prince – open and honesty
bird – freedom, strength, power, over view of the world and emotional being, accepting all seen
wind – freedom, making a difference, allowing movement to cause change outside oneself too
chariot – secure base within the freedom, vehicle for movement forward
water – flow, change, emotion, depths of unconscious
Prince – Tiphareth on the Qabbala – connection between spirit and earth, tantric sex, transformation of spiritual self through the connection with another human in an open way channelling the Source energy of all that is by finding all that is within the self, the dark and the light, particularly accepting all emotional forms within the self.