Chakras and the Tarot

This short course I designed for a student by request and now am offering it as a stand alone course. It is designed to introduce tarot readers to Chakras and how a deck may be read connecting with the Chakra energies and correspondences with the Kabbalah. It also includes some healing and intuitive techniques to locate areas for our clients to work on. Any deck can be used for this course.

It is held online and on a one-to-one basis. Each topic is taken over two weeks – the first for posting responses to exercises and the second for our discussion and further understanding and consolidation.

  • Topic 1 ‐ Introduction to the Chakras
  • Topic 2 ‐ Chakra Connections with Kabbalah and Astrology
  • Topic 3 ‐ Chakra Based Spreads and Body Scans
  • Feedback and Goodbye

The course costs £165 and is 7 weeks long.