Advanced Thoth Training

Further Online Training for Reading Intuitively with the Thoth Deck

Clients’ Comments…..

“Emma, I just want to say a huge thank you for your Further Thoth Course. … This course opened the door to the depth and the fascination that are to be found in Thoth, and in the words of the ad, “I didn”t know there was so much in it”, til I started working with you and my fellow students. I also wanted to say how much I appreciated your sensitivity and insight when we were working in depth on some real personal issues. A really great learning experience, thanks so much!!! ”
Phil Croft, Former Chairperson of the Tarot Association of the British Isles, Tarot reader and Trainer, Birmingham

I think your course is superb and I have gained a huge amount from it, not only knowledge about the Thoth, but new ways of looking at readings and understanding myself better through the work we have done. Your knowledge and your constant support and kindness have been wonderful ‐ thank you very, very much!
Tracey Bell, EMF Balancing Technique pracitioner and lightworker, Cardigan

I am so grateful to have taken the Advanced Thoth training course. The course itself is rich with content and added so much to my understanding of tarot. Even greater was the wisdom, guidance and insights shared by Emma. I highly recommend it. – Zelda, Canada

The Advanced Course

Having completed the first course I then offer the Further Thoth Training Course. This course is an advanced course and focuses on consolidating the things you have learned in the first course and takes them further by adding some technical information about the symbolism, astrology and Kabbalah that is held within the cards. It also focuses on relationship readings in more depth. It is usually fine tuned to the needs of the student on a particular course with some areas added and other left out or covered in less detail.


Courses are run on a one to one basis online, and so can start at a time to suit you. If there are a group of you who have completed the Initial Thoth course then this training can also follow as a group course.

Like the first course this course runs for a total of 16 weeks including the introductions week and a feedback week at the end to tie up loose ends. A new topic will be set every 2 weeks; the first week is for doing the exercises for that topic, the second week is for responding to tutor comments on your work, ask questions.  You can select to drop certain topics and add in others that you are more interested in. For instance if you are an astrologist then the weeks on astrology may be too basic for you and your time would be better spent on more detailed studying of the kabbalah for instance. We could link your astrology knowledge with the cards as we go through the course and no doubt will have been doing through the initial Thoth course.

Example Course Outline

  • Week 1 : Introduction and your goals with the Thoth
  • Weeks 2 + 3: Astrology Part 1
  • Weeks 4 + 5: Astrology Part 2 .
  • Weeks 6 + 7: Kabbalah – The Nodes
  • Weeks 8 + 9: Relationship Readings and the Thoth
  • Weeks 10 + 11: Desires and life path
  • Weeks 12 + 13: Numerology and layering, Pre-reading visualisation using all the approaches in a reading together.
  • Weeks 14 + 15: Past Lives and where are you now with the Thoth. What are your next steps?
  • Week 16: Feedback

Benefits of the course

  • Individual attention – minimum 2 hours of tutor time each topic, so you get the attention you would in private lessons.
  • Consolidation of previous teachings
  • Inner growth
  • Personal experience of the Thoth and how the cards work with inner growth
  • Experience of reading for others with the Thoth
  • Intuition development, and tools to take away with you and continue using in your own time
  • Course completion certificate, for all those who complete all exercises by the end of the feedback week.


£400 payable by direct bank transfer or through PayPal, the details will be given after acceptance on a course. Payment by installments can also be arranged – please inquire.

Application for this course can be made directly to Emma after completion of the initial course.