Thoth Tips

The Fool

This month I am looking at the Fool card. This card is a very powerful card and contains a huge amount of symbolism and depth – I will just scratch the surface a little here this month.

The Fool

The card shows the Fool as the main character with feet up suggesting an ungrounded quality – it is almost as if he has his feet in the air sliding along joyfully on ice – I feel this connects us with the Fool’s trustfulness qualities – not fully owning his responsibility but completely trusting all will be well. An innocent childlike faith in things. The cord wrapped three times round the card is likened to the umbilical cord and is seen coming from his right nipple. There is a sense that he is nurtured and fed by his connection to the great Mother, hence his ability to have such complete faith. The universe looking after him as he follows his heart in all things. We see this manifest practically in someone’s ‘beginners luck’ with no conscious knowledge of how something ‘should’ be done often we find our first attempts at something are very effective, and decline as we start to impose our will, control and learning upon them before returning to a more conscious competence. This umbilical cord has a caduceus entwines and represents the healing that can spontaneously come as we follow our hearts into situations we then learn from and heal old wounds with the experience. It is also a symbol of transformation which is often apparent when this card appears. A new start and a complete transformation of how we view the world; we have fresh eyes on things and an excitement and heart based joy arises.

The bag he carries contains disks – each with an astrological symbol upon it. they are arrange around the sun symbol in the center, the planets surrounding and the constellations surrounding the planets, thus we have a representation of the universe. The fool carries with him the potential of all the universe and a potential wealth of everything that exists. Nothing is formed as yet – however the possibility is there as he sets out on his journey. The sun in his genitals and the sun as center in the bag both suggest that it is his own viewpoint that he is starting from, he has confidence, even where a more mature approach would consider this ‘foolish’. His moves forward are all about him, yet also he is in tune with himself in this starting position, there is rarely error in his approach, only the potential for great things to develop from the learning situations he encounters.

He ignores his fears and his animalistic desires, even his wounds, he is not ‘trying’ to heal, merely healing through the process of what befalls him naturally. Often we find this on our life path, that without conscious determination to heal our past we are put in situation which show us more and more clearly where we need to develop and heal. Our life in a sense is its own therapy, once we pay attention to it we can gain a great deal from following where we are drawn to go. The foll doesn’t have that awareness yet – however it is likely to come, through the situations he places himself in, and through his inner Will being adhered to. Fear does not make him careful and this is a strength.


21 The Universe

This month’s card for us to explore is the Universe. This card is the last of the major arcana and as such is about endings – however unlike the dramatic transformation of the Death card, here we experience a more harmonious, natural ending to things and a letting go of the struggle to change as all has been done that can be done. What we have learned through the process now stays with us and protects us for the future ahead. We can be free and innocent, naked as the dancer is, offering our transformation process up now as we no longer need it. We can trust in ourselves deeply to see and understand our responsibility and action in any situation, to know our choices and to decide from a clear place without us hiding important information from ourselves out of historical protective mechanisms.

The Universe
The Universe


Looking at the origin of the symbolism on this card we see it is astrologically connected with Saturn. The planet of structure, solidity, reliability and trustworthiness. So we see these traits in ourselves when this card appears. We can depend on ourselves. We also have no need to rush forward, but can take our time, there is nothing to escape from and no urgency – we are happy to be where we are in the moment. Saturn is the reality checker and here in this card we see that we are fully connected with reality as we have travelled the Major Arcana’s challenges in order to arrive at this place. We are able to set boundaries where needed and able to be disciplined and ordered in order to travel the path in life we decide upon.

Tau is the Hebrew letter associated with this card. It means cross or mark and could be seen as a signature or a signing off of something. On the Kabbalah it is the path between Yesod and Malkuth so the journey of final manifestation on the Earth and then the return to spirit. So we have here more connections with the natural ending of one thing and the beginning of a new journey with a different focus. As we travel down the tree of life we are incarnating and becoming more fully present on the earth plane avoiding nothing and embracing it all – as we then turn round and travel up towards spirit so we are being aware of all that is on the earth plane – our personality, our inner nature and the limitations of being incarnated and having embraced it all we can now transcend without it being a journey of avoidance of pain, it becomes a journey which acknowledges pain and uses it for enlightenment.

The four corners of the card show the 4 Kerubim, the guardians and protectors. They also represent the 4 elements and so indication our inner protection through our wholeness. 

The building is the building of the earth plane and Crowley called this “the skeleton plan of the building of the house of Matter” it shows 92 chemical elements as seen by J Sullivan. So there is a strong symbol of the building blocks of all matter here in this card too and represents final manifestation in another way too. As Crowley also said it represents the celebration of the completion of the Great Work (which is our individuation here on this plane.)


10 of Cups

Happy New Year to you all!

This month we will look at the 10 cups, the imagery and symbolism in the Thoth deck.

10 cups

The most striking connections we see on this card are with the Kabbalah and with the astrology linked to this card.

The arrangement of the cups show the tree of life and the lines between them the paths between the nodes. As a 10 it is connected with Malkuth and indicates the manifestation and perfection in the realm of the emotions (cups) So we see that satisfaction and fulfillment have been attained and that the person is fully aware of their emotional nature and of the concept that true joy can only come from within and it not externally determined. There is an outpouring of emotion from the highest source – Kether and it fills all the cups – the central pillar of the tree overflowing into the bottom cup.

Then looking at the astrology we see that this card is mars in Pisces – two very different energies – the dynamic energy of mars in the peaceful still energy of Pisces. However this is how the emotional energy doesn’t stagnate – the forcefulness of mars is at its most spiritual here and it ensures that the water does not remain still in its contentment but has the ability and energy to move forward into action, into the next step of manifestation through the 4 worlds of the Kabbalah. Mars energy keeps the Pisces energy from stagnating in its abundance of water.

We can also see this as a shift from Pisces into Aries – the next sign on the zodiac – which happens to be ruled by Mars. Even the image of the cups on the card show a resemblance to the sign for Aries and so the indication that it is movement from receptivity and complete emotional fulfilment into the active warrior like energy of Aries. Spring comes and a new path of growth is started having achieved emotional clarity and fulfilment.

As this is our card to start the year – perhaps have a think about what your next steps are with the tarot – how can you shift your enjoyment of learning about and working with the Thoth into the next stage? How can you make the Thoth more active and dynamic in your life? Answers to these question will help you move forward now.

I am taking applications for the Initial Thoth group course at the moment. It will be starting in February – there are limited places so do get your applications to me as soon as you can if you feel this is your next step in the journey.

May you have a wonderful New Year

Prince of Disks

This months card to explore is the Prince of Disks.

prince of disks

We see here earthy colours of the disks suit and a sense of determination in the ox’s motion forward. There is the idea of nothing will stop this man – even if the terrain gets difficult obstacles will be overcome. The prince himself is naked and has the innocence of youth with him. He has no need to make pretenses or to cover his motivations he is open and honest about what he is doing – very much what you see is what you get. he has charge of the ox but is not controlling so much that he won’t allow the ox to move as needed to overcome difficulties. Thus he trusts the path before him and is allowing his instincts and animal nature to inform him of what needs to be done when. I always see a strong connection to nature with this card and sometimes herbalism too with the plants and flowers in the background. Sometimes appearing as if they are diagrams in medical books . There is the idea of seeds being ready to germinate and life about to be set in motion after a time of stillness. He is associated with meditation and also with having done the inner work needed to create what he needs for his spirit in the physical world.

The Sceptre with the ball and cross represents the alchemical idea of the Great Work; the inner journey we all have to go on to find our true spirit. He contacted his true self and now has the ability to navigate forward in full trust of himself and his spirit. He is a very practical man though – one who plans well and is practical in all aspects, he works hard and is down to earth about things. Generally not emotional he is in touch with the nature of the world though. His spirituality shows through practical action rather than esoteric ideas. The orb in his left hand can be seen like the Earth and he has in his mind the good of all rather than personal goals with his plans and can often represent someone who works in positions concerned for the environment of the natural world in some way.

This is a very ‘worky’ card generally, talking of tasks and actions to be taken if not someone’s actual employment in life. This card is also connected with the movement into Taurus from Aries and you can see the Taurean bull on his headdress. Taurus is a fixed sign and reliable in nature. You can depend upon this person. They are likely to be interested in food in some way and may sometimes be overly stubborn, though usually this is a positive staying power rather than obstructive in nature.  They are also concerned with sensuality and are very in touch with their physical body and perhaps like to do some form of exercise that is connected with strength (as opposed to dynamic movement)

As this is a prince card it is seated at Tiphareth on the Kabbalah and as such represents the meeting of the physical world with spirit. He is the physical conduit for spirit – the messenger in a physical way. This physicality can include beauty, sensuality, food, shelter as well as the material needs of life in terms of money and work.

The Priestess

The card we will look at this month is the Priestess.


This card is a card representing independence and an ability to see beneath the veil, ie to be psychic and to understand how the universe works from spiritual law and understanding. Though it is not an intellectual knowing but an intuitive understanding of the deeper mysteries of the universe. It is connected to the Moon and the associations of mystery, the unknown and reflecting light back to source also come in here. The Priestess connects with the higher realms as well as is able to reflect back to people what they are creating in their lives, often times with advice on how to change things. The moon can also be seen to be symbolised in the image by the priestess wearing the crown of Isis which symbolises the changing phases of the moon. Isis is associated with stability so there is also the idea that change happens but is also stable, and that in order to have a stable life we must change continually in line with the flow of the truth of things. She is naked showing her dedication to the truth of things and what is beneath – there is no need to conceal things – there is enough mystery in the universe of itself.

More technically the image on the Thoth deck shows a woman with her hands outstretched – she is in a meditative state and is not looking to the physical world to find her answers but within so doesn’t need her eyes to be open.

The card is associated with the hebrew letter Gimel which means camel – you can see the camel depicted on the card’s image too. The idea of camels being self sufficient in the desert  fits with this interpretation of the card. She is independant and needs no other person to rely on or to feel or be safe. Her safety is within her. She is also able to contain the worries and fears of others without feeling burdened as she can see the bigger picture. She crosses the abyss between oneness of spirit and the earthly realms. As with all of us we have to make this connection alone – ultimately there is only ourselves when we start to look at birth and death in the physical realm – even though in spirit we are all one – we make this journey of the physical world ultimately alone.

There is also a great abundance associated with this card in the crystals and fruits at the bottom of the card and the bow of Artemis on the lap of the priestess (Crowley states this connection). She is the Goddess of hunters and also connected with the moon – she is independant and a warrior as is the priestess here. She provides what she needs for herself and through her own connection with the abundance of the universe.  It can also be seen as a lyre (Frieda Harris has said this) and as such is also a symbol of protection and of hathor – a form of Isis.

The Priestess is the path between Kether and Tiphareth on the Kabbalah and so is the direct link to spirit. Also a very balanced position, she possesses access to secret and hidden wisdom of the higher realms through this symbolism also.

The Lovers

This card depicts a number of opposites balancing each other in some way – with the couple in  the middle joining as one in marriage which is being blessed by the hermit above them.


Intuitively there is a sense of commitment to uniting differences, whether this is in a partnership sense or whether it is within ourselves. We unite all the opposites in ourselves, acknowledging the different sides of ourselves and bring them together to work as a team in our lives. Sometimes using the active side of ourselves, sometimes the passive, sometimes the part of us that wants to be out there in the world with others – sometimes the part that wants solitude. As we balance the expression of the opposites we find within so we find peace. The card shows the Hermit as the overseer which matches to the part of ourselves that is the observer of our lives, the part that is untouched by life or even death, the eternal in us. This more spiritual part of us can observe and in a sense mediate any conflicts between our various sides. As we work with this inner part of the part so then also we find ourselves able to connect with another person in the external world of our lives. As we come to love all of our own conflicting sides so conflicts with those around us is less and we are more likely to attract a mate who will both complement us and also challenge us, but also will be a match for us. Commitment is possible if desired by both parties.

The card is connected to Gemini the twins so reflecting duality here also.  Also this can indicate good communication and connections with data transmission as Gemini loves these fields. All things analytical are indicated and the ability to look at many sides of a situation. As we consider all angles we come closer to the truth.  It can indicate an ability to keep changing as the world needs of us, Gemini being a mutable sign. The reds, golds and pinks indicate higher love, passion and self-esteem unite the couple together.  These inner qualities, when we develop them fully. help us to integrate ourselves and then also to have them reflected back to us from a partner.

So there is a sense of finding the perfect partner for you at this point in time – one who mirrors who you are and are not. This may bring with it a great challenge to face all parts of yourself, though when this card arises it suggests you are ready to do so. Bearing in mind a ‘perfect partner’ may be the one who most fully reflects you so if you have issues to work on these are reflected also, so the relationship may not be easy – though compelling.

You can also see the analysis aspect of the card reflected in the arch of swords that created the arena for the marriage. The swords are about analysis, thinking, dissecting and discerning. In the image they come together in harmony from two sides so there is a suggestion of balance being found after much discussion and assessment.

There is also the opposite of this expressed in the card – not surprisingly as the card is all about opposites coming together – Cupid is above the couple blindfolded – bringing to mind things such as ‘love is blind’ and the idea that the unconscious has a say in the attractions we have to people. So whilst all the analysis is going on there is also the factor of what we can not see or know at the time – the unconscious drive that propels us to ourselves even when we do not recognise our self fully in another. Hence the way we may often find ourselves compelled to be with someone yet find out quite quickly that they are not all we thought and difficulties arise, offering us the challenge to go within and find more of ourselves. The challenge of wanting to be with them yet obstacles that seem to be insurmountable. If we walk the path of our heart with as much awareness as we can then we can learn a great deal and be the richer for the experience. Mere analysis is not always enough.




10 Swords – Ruin

This month’s card to explore is the 10 Swords with the keyword Ruin. Many people find this one of the more challenging cards to receive in a reading as we have a tendency to fear that we literally will experience the ruin of our entire lives. If reading for ourselves this is doubly scary as this card does appear when we do indeed fear this to be the case – we might be scared we are about to lose our job and then our house and family to boot with no income to hold our lifestyle together.


However this card is usually talking about this fear – the fear, not the actual experience, of ruin. As we fear things will just get worse and worse until our lives are shattered around us so we feel immobilised and scared about all our actions and decisions. Sometimes this can bring about events that serve to confirm our worst fears. However we can look at the card and see the symbolism of the heart in the center with light shining all around it as showing us that we are actually on the brink of a turning point. The difficulties we have been experiencing to this point are about to turn around and the light and joy of the heart about to grow and become stronger and stronger in our lives if we do not allow the fear to take over but face it head on.

Technically looking at the card we see it is a 10 which corresponds to the ending of something in numerology and the implied renewal, and swords being thoughts we have the ending of our thoughts being the only driving force in our world; thay may feel very powerful when this card is active though.

In the Kabbalah the 10’s are at the malkuth node of the Kabbalah. This is the final most earthly point of each of the worlds. The world of the swords is about the mental facilities and how we conceive of the world intellectually. This card indicates how our thoughtforms can create physical situations, but at this level we are being tested in a sense. Having experienced difficulties with our thoughts further up the tree as we try and manifest our highest thoughts, so here at the earthly level of Malkuth we see that we have done all we can with our thoughtform energy and now something more physical must happen to continue to bring our dreams to reality. We have to shift from thinking to doing (the world of the disks). As we make this transition some of our ideas have to be refined and we are tested in our ability to hold positive visions of what we want to create as we face physical issues that now have to be overcome on the final stage of the journey into creation on the Earth. In a sense it is the ruin of the intellect, we can no longer trust to our thoughts alone we have to move forward and do something and trust our journey thus far has strengthened us to overcome the fears our intellect can place before us. As we view the energy this way so we can overcome the possibility of creating our own worst fears by ‘running away’ into our obsessiveness.

It is sun in gemini and so represents thoughts changing (mutable gemini) and running all over the place in an ungrounded way. Gemini’s quick-to-change energy being out of control. We can harness this and recognise that we also do have the ability to use this fluidity of thinking to find the way forward into the physical world and find solutions to any real problems that arise in creative ways. We can also discern when our thinking is merely circular and fear based, rather than based on any real evidence. This distinction helps us know what is just purely fear based on no evidence, and what is actually an issue that needs to have some action taken to make a change occur. Once we see the difference, the actions needed can be taken, remembering to let go of negative expectations (met in the 7), and fears of defeat (met in the 5).

We see this process demonstrated as we fear the job change will ‘all go wrong’ rather than be exactly the breakthrough we have been seeking. We see it as the money almost running out – giving us the fear will will not be able to continue living in our house, yet it is only a transition and we need to place our trust in ourselves; that our journey on life is exactly what we need to develop into our fullest and highest version of ourselves. We see it in the fear that our partner’s desire for space means they are no longer in love with us, or the fear that our speaking up for what we know we need with push our partner away.

We may need to be active in following our heart’s desire in spite of the fear, rather than to submit to it at this point, allowing the fear to stop us going forward to find the new, more rewarding job, or to check our income and outgoings and make changes for now to help us move successfully through the transition. To allow ourselves to trust that our relationship will be able to hold up to each partner being able to live their own individual needs as well as nurture the relationship. As we do this so the light of our heart grows in strength.

We see the five upper swords pointing towards the tiphareth and this shows how our connection with our spirit and dreams (tiphareth) and our balance is attacked by our fears, the moon on the hilt of the sword at Malkuth and the sun on the one at yesod suggesting the unconscious is becoming conscious so we see our fears; our lack of self-belief and self-value; the things we most dislike about ourselves, as we are challenged to move through this energy with awareness and the on into our dreams with a more balanced practical approach.  The seeing of our shadow can be a powerful opportunity for growth and brings into the light how we negatively view ourselves. Once in the light we can work with our self belief and come to see ourselves as more valuable, lovable and loved and so attract this into our lives as we release this transition.

3 Disks – Works

This month’s card to explore is the 3 disks. This card immediately appears to us as a stability in the midst of external forces. It holds strong and balanced, and despite the wheels depicted on each corner it holds steady, any movement is slow. However success in the direction you are going is likely with continued effort.


Each corner of the triangle can be seen as mind, body and soul, and each area is developing in pace with the others – this can make progress seem slow, but also will ensure what is built is solid and reliable. So in our own development all aspects of ourselves are growing in unison and we would be wise to allow it to take the time it takes and be patient, rather than rushing forward. What is built will be founded on truth.

This card is connected astrologically with Mars in Capricorn. Mars is exulted in Capricorn so we see the positive benefits of the Mars energy – the determination to see something through within the given constraints which we can see as the Saturnian energy of Capricorn (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) This also shows the successful building of anything we are focused on. We don’t give up on projects that may have obstacles to overcome, and we are more easily able to extend the patience needed for growth.

Sulphur, salt and mercury symbols are indicated on the corners of the central pyramid. These are from the alchemical system of thought and represent the Self – mercury, coming together with the Will – sulphur, and being expressed through the body – salt.  So how we express our true Will here on the earthly plane. Thus activities and creations done under this card’s influence are the expression of who we truly are, or rather in a reading for best results we need to act from our deepest thoughts, ideas and inspirations to bring about something that really expresses who we are. It is possible to create something of real value here. And to feel that what we are doing is actually representing who we are at this time.


This month’s card to look at is Adjustment.


Now; I realise as I post this, this was the card I spoke about last month. Last month I picked it from the deck – with the ‘What do people what to know more about.’ intention. This month I had completely forgotten last month’s card and just was very drawn to discuss this card. It is only now as I paste this into the email that I see we were talking of it last month. However I feel my approach to the same card is somewhat different in discussion here to last month so I will stay with it and just allow the further discussion to further inform. I hope you enjoy it 😀

In other decks Adjustment is the Justice card. Here Crowley connects the card as the feminine counterpart of the Fool. As the fool jumps and follows his instinct and intuition without any guarantees so Adjustment is the response the universe gives to our impulses. The resulting feedback to our actions in a sense.

When this card turns up in a spread we can see it as the need to maintain balance and recognise our influence in the world – if we are out of balance in ourselves then the world around us seems chaotic and imbalanced. As we increase our self balance so the universe reflects this back to us.

On the card we see the woman has a mask on her and she is not looking at external actions and results in the world but rather is looking internally to her own inner world and her responses to the different sides of herself. As she listens intently so her action can be made accurately and to reflect her own inner truth. This ensures the world around also reflects her inner truth. If we spend time in meditation we can find this inner balance, from this place then we make our decisions and as we do this so what the universe sends back to us is closer to what we truly feel and believe.

It can be seen as the law of karma, however a simplistic look at this removes the sense of self destiny, learning necessary lessons and can tempt us into a punishment and control ethos – this is not what this card is about. It is more about the fine balance we keep ourselves in. The making of decisions after carefully weighing up the ramifications of all we say, do and don’t do. As we consider all points of view from our deepest self so we find the response that moves us forward on our highest path of development.

The card is ruled by libra, which is the scales and also concerned with keeping the peace, finding balance and reducing extreme demonstrations to the minimum. This energy can be blocking in some circumstances where we find we are so busy keeping the peace we have forgotten to listen to our own truth. So when this card is surrounded by difficulty then the need to go within and allow ourselves to witness fully our extremes is the way to release the stuckness experienced. It is as if we are so busy balancing we have forgotten to look what is in the scales and decide whether it has merit.

Fours are represented here by the orbs, these sets of 4 are reminding us that stability is possible if we don’t allow external circumstances to throw us off balance. We can experience peace at this time, and even large difficulties can be navigated successfully.


This month I am going to explore the card Adjustment. This card immediately hits us with a feeling of balance and calmness, the character on the card is balanced very precisely on tiptoe and there are scales indicating things have to be even on all sides to maintain this position. There is a sense of the need for continual micro-adjustment to maintain this balance. Any wild movements throwing the whole scene off.


It is ruled astrologically by Libra – also a sign of great balance, peacekeeping and with this the sense of difficulty making decisions, due to trying to establish what is truly fair as so often things can be viewed from many different perspectives. Consequently we also see the idea of weighing things up, is it this or is it that?

The blue and blue green give us a feeling that part of what we have to weigh is what is in our heart – what is our truth? How can we be the most authentic to ourselves. Then once we have established this how can we communicate this to others in a fair and balanced way – respecting their side and their point of view?

As we contemplate these things we come closer and closer to the truth and reality of a situation. We also may find as we approach the truth we also approach the sides of ourselves that have been developed to protect us from past situations that are no longer relevant. These ‘untruths’ of our current predicament are brought forward to be seen in thelight of the present day. The reality of now. Often this card arises after we have done some work on our old historically driven patterns of behaviour and the current situation challenges us to see and understand our pattern and also simultaneously react from the truth of the hear and now without denying our past. It can be quite tricky.

On a more mundane level we have the associations of justice, fairness and legal contracts of all kinds – communications written and presented that ensure that all people are fairly accounted for in situations that either have had conflict in them, or could have conflict of interests in them. We have divorce arrangements, house contracts, law suits and inheritance issues around a will with this card – other surrounding cards making it clearer which of these and aso how to approach the setting up of a legal document in a specific situation. The emperor perhaps suggesting to take charge, 8 disks suggesting get help from a professional or at least look at the details very carefully, etc etc.

There is high integrity required with this card, as any imbalance is instantly adjusted, so a disharmonious action with the Will of the Whole will be reflected back to us very quickly so we can see where we ourselves need to make our inner adjustments to be in harmony with our highest potential. It is a card of karmic action from this perspective.  We are sent feedback, in the form of the situations around us, so as to learn and further progress with our development, and the feedback will be or is, exacting.

There is a great deal of a sense of precision with this card but also an emphasis on love, as Venus rules Libra, and Venus is very concerned with love and beauty, the highest goal of all of us to live with love. So all adjustments are made in the name of love – the balance is not one of retribution, but of honouring more than one perspective in love, sometimes involving a lesson if we resist the truth, but the redress is from a loving heart of high integrity. We say no to those hurting us physically, and direct them to help for their pain rather than melting out retribution for wrongs experienced. As we work in this way we stay in balance in our own lives understanding that the ‘wrong doer’ is also a part of ourselves we keep in balance to be whole.