Client Comment

I’m astounded by how much I’ve learned in the three-week Absolute Beginner course. The exercises I was assigned wisely encouraged me to interact deeply with the cards on a daily basis and to journal about them. I am learning to look more closely at a card to see the many, many things that are not so obvious at first glance, and to feel into what it says to me. I have had numerous decks over the years and enjoyed playing with them but this one has captured my heart like no other, and it’s the first time I’ve wanted to learn much more about a deck and how to use it.
Emma is a very sweet guide who validated my intuition while at the same time pointing things out that I hadn’t seen or thought about. She was very generous with her comments and time and is clearly an adept. The exercises pushed against my comfort zone to help free me to more readily trust my intuition and speak up. What was reinforced is that it really is trustworthy.
I don’t see how you can spend only two hours a week on the exercises but I also know I did more than was required by the curriculum, simply because I’m on fire with learning at the moment!
If you really are a beginner like me, this course is a great place to start. Even if you have used other decks, this one is so unique that you might want to unlearn what you knew before and start fresh!
Two thumbs up!