Client Comment

“I love that Emma and Semele coped well with our vastly varying levels of expertise and understanding of the Thoth deck, the Tarot generally and various related subjects such as Kabbalah, Numerology, Astrology, etc. It was great to see the sharing and learning within the group. Thank you. The consolidation weeks were a godsend. I loved them and loved the fact that it gave me chance to review my work, other people’s work and to really absorb the learning. In my view they are invaluable. I’d even go so far as to say they are vital to understanding the new work. Too many times I have attended training sessions which have thrown lots of information at me without allowing time for it to “”land””. This was different and my knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the Thoth Tarot have grown as a direct result of these consolidation weeks. They allow time to integrate and use the learning. This course has been amazing and I have loved every minute of it. I know that I will be going back over my note to pick out new levels of learning and that will certainly happen as I catch up on the digests. I’m delighted that you have given us the opportunity to continue “”meeting”” and communicating via the support forum. What an excellent idea! Thank you so much to Emma and Semele for the support and guidance you have given me throughout this course. You have gone above and beyond”” whatever I expected and I appreciate that. This is an amazing course full of new ideas, approaches and insights into this beautiful deck. Being on the course is like opening a treasure chest that is deeper and richer than I could ever have imagined. The course is well structured with practical, warm support and guidance along the way. You will be in safe hands as you delve deeper into the delights of the Thoth – it’s a whole new relationship to Tarot.”