Client Comment

In case you are wondering whether you should or should not take the journey of deepening yourself in the Thoth deck, I would suggest you to sit with the question whether you find yourself really ready to get to know yourself; ready to let go of limiting patterns, ready to open up to some hidden beauty within? There is, of course, always the choice to keep on hiding or running away. I would not recommend that option; it only increases fear, pain, stuck-ness, anger and self-pity. On the other hand, there is the option of freedom, inner peace, empowerment, joy and the capacity to face life’s challenges with dignity, an open mind and a tender heart. In case that is what you are aiming for, I can highly recommend you to take the leap and throw yourself into the depths of your own being while being held, guided, provoked, questioned and inspired by the Thoth images and be open to the inner (and outer) journey they can elicit. Each of the images is en expression of you and I and the moment we can embrace that and own that, we can truly embrace that what we are and start living a full life. Whether you want to use the cards for self-development or to work with others; the first step is to get to love and own the images as if they were a part of you.
And in a very professional and clear structured and sensible sequence, with so much care, knowledge and love Emma will be present; all the time ready to challenge when necessary, to hold when you feel falling, to let go when you are ready to fly, all the while just very gently sending you her blessings. Growing is a necessity, making the leap an option. In this case, it is safe and highly recommendable to opt!