Client Comment

I have now done three Thoth Tarot training courses with Emma; the Introductory course, the Beginners Course and the Advanced course. I have loved every one.

Emma has taken me on a journey of self exploration, higher awakening and opened my eyes up to the infinite possibilities that the cards offer.

She has been an amazing online teacher; always there if you need something explaining, patient, understanding, very knowledgable about the cards, extremely professional and passionate about the Thoth.

I have learnt so much from her, things I never knew were even possible or within my reach. I have grown as a person through doing these courses and feel empowered to help others now too. Emma has helped me gain this confidence and the cards have shown me that it is possible and within my reach.

I shall return to Emma again for further training.

Thank you so much and trust in Emma to show you the way too.