Princess of Cups


This month I picked a card to see what would be of use to talk about with you all…

Princess of Cups

This is a beautiful card of self-worth and value. Princesses as we have seen before correspond to the position 10 on the Kabbalah – Malkuth, this is the point of manifestation of the suit. The princesses are the manifestation of the potential we find in an ace. So here we have an emotional new start, where much work has been done in the emotional realm and can now be put into practice on the physical plane.

So in relationships, this is a card of emotional freedom, there is no need for jealousy, manipulation, power games etc. These things have been explored and now are no longer needed. There is trust and freedom and also joy. The swan of her head is a symbol of freedom but also a symbol of monogamy and trust between people. She holds the lotus upright and high and is able to see love everywhere and through everyone.

She offers her talents and skills to everyone without wish for reward, yet also without pushing herself on anyone – she quietly helps out and moves on, she needs no recognition and is able to protect herself through her own innocence and comfort with her vulnerability. She seems to sidestep power games that others offer her invites to play, effortlessly. She is pure and capable, receptive and free.

The dolphin symbolises love and trust as well as the idea of loving guardianship of this world and all that is in it.

This card is earth of water and so is the physical practical application of emotional knowledge and understanding. So she is empathic, understanding and loving in all she does.

As a card representing a person she can also represent a sensitive young child – or someone older with the apparent innocence of someone very young. With this youth or youthfulness comes simple wisdom and ways of seeing the world which cut through the complexities we often have learnt to use as resistance to doing what is in our heart. The answer and the truth is often so much more simple, but almost too hard to see for our doubts. The princess can see through these things and get to the core by trusting her own views on the world and trusting what is in her heart. She lives by the truth that all is love ultimately.