History and Symbolism in the Tarot

I developed this on-line course for a student who wanted an introduction into the history of the tarot and also to look at some of the symbolism found on many decks. It is a course therefore that touches the basics of a number of areas, and encourages the student to research their own deck or decks. It serves as a focusing agent as well as an opportunity to gain some guidance and teaching about various schools of thought that have influenced tarot development over the years.

It is a course that will require personal research and some books to back up your work – book list can be suggested but is best decided on once you have a feel for the deck or decks you wish to look at. It is designed to be used with several decks rather than looking at just one – many historical decks can be studied on phone and tablet apps for very reasonable cost without the need to buy the physical cards unless you are drawn to.

Client Comments…..

“I have studied with Emma for three years now, in both her online courses and one to one mentoring. All have been brilliant, illuminating experiences.
As I wanted to further my understanding of tarot, in particular its background and evolvement, she kindly designed a course for me – History and Symbolism in Tarot.
I completed it last week and it has been not just edifying but has completely changed my attitude and approach to my readings and tarot in general.
I understand Emma may be offering this course in the near future and I would urge you to consider it if you enjoy an academic challenge and I can assure you it will not only enrich your knowledge base but give even more depth to your readings. ”
Pabi, Tarot reader, Wales

It is run on a one to on basis.

I am very open to adapting this course to suit your specific needs. I have split it into two courses as the feedback was that more time was needed to fully get the most out of each area.

  • Topic 1 ‐ History and origins – Exploring your decks
  • Topic 2 ‐ Kabbalah and Hebrew symbolism
  • Topic 3 ‐ Alchemical concepts and symbols
  • Topic 4 ‐ Astrology in the Tarot
  • Topic 5 ‐ Personal Symbolism and dreams
  • Topic 6 ‐ Bringing it all together – Exploring a personal deck structure.

Extra topics to be done before topic 6 can include:

  • Topic a ‐ The Natural World – Elements, Plants and Animals
  • Topic b ‐ Human world – Structures, buildings, transport
  • Topic c ‐ People and Kabbalah Paths

Each topic runs for two weeks so the course is between 12 and 18 weeks depending on your choices.It costs between £660 (for the 12 weeks) and £825. (for all 18 weeks) And as with other courses will have breaks for school holidays.

Contact me on the form below if you are interested or have any questions.