Prince of Swords

This month I am going to look and chat about the card – Prince of Swords. This card has many different aspects and as a court card can both represent a person with certain qualities as well as the querants own self, qualities they are expressing and also events around the querant.

Prince Swords

As an event this card is talking about cutting off from someone or some people. The idea being that you need to be following your own path and not be influenced by others who are not actually in your shoes. It is time to break patterns of behaviour that leave you feel trapped and either unable to move forward or any movement made is difficult as you are pulled in many directions. This aspect can be seen easily through the figures that are trying to pull the chariot – each in a different direction the chariot not moving very much at all. You are in charge though and have the sword of discernment to cut those free who are going in a different direction to you – so you can put all your energy into your own goals and thus move forward much faster.

On an internal level these diverse pulls can be coming from different aspects of oneself each wanting a different thing and when this card comes up it is time to make some clear decisions about what your direction really is and to heal voices or decisions from the past that may be trying to stop you.

In relationships if this card comes up it is very likely that the relationship it refers to is needing to split as each is pulling in a different direction, sometimes there is hope of resolution if both parties can speak openly about their direction and agree to differ and not hinder the other from their pathway, however more often than not it has come to a point where each person has learned what they needed to from the other and it is time to go separate ways.

This is a swords card and in a person of youthful age, so represents someone who is logical and clear thinking – who will find solutions to problems and no longer allow blocks to get in the way of their progress. Obstacles can be removed by applying logic and will to the issue. However this is the healing power of the card, often when first active in your life there will be a sense of jumping about from one goal to the next – one place to the next not quite committing to anything and dissipating your energies – however what is called for is to not please everyone and to get clear about what of the myriad of possibilities really speaks to your heart. Usually it is actually quite clear what way is the way to go, but it is the fear of cutting off options that prevents that decision from taking place. This card suggests it is time and you will lose nothing by letting go of the paths you know are not the right ones right now.

Rational thinking can be a curse as well as a gift, You can dream ideas and plans but do nothing with any of them, get stuck in analysis whilst never getting to the emotional core of the situation. The application of what has heart and meaning to you is needed to fully use the discrimination and mental activity of this card and character. Often whether this is available can be seen from the surrounding cards.

The yellow suggests mental powers and possibly self-esteem coming from recognition of intelligence, the green is the desire – the drive – the feeling of loving each idea that arises, and also the idea of using love as a force to decide between pathways which each bring their positive qualities to you. As you immerse yourself in a deep love for who you are your decision becomes clearer.