Knight of Swords

In this card we have the aspects of fiery air. So hurricanes and storms, forces of passion built in the mind. This knight is the knight of ideas, goals and plans. He is able to focus and follow his inspired ideas. The ideas come inspirationally, but once there acquire a force of their own. The knight sets about doing what is needed to carry them out.

Knight of Swords

This knight rules the decan from 21st degree of Taurus to 20th degree of Gemini – so we have the energy of the mind in Gemini with the influence of the stability and determination of Taurus. Ideas are solid and committed to without wavering.

The birds flying alongside represent the inspirational source of the ideas, and the knights ability to hear and listen to their guidance as he moves forward, making micro-adjustments as he needs to to overcome potential blocks and set backs. Knights are connected with Chokmah on the Kabbalah and so are also linked to neptune through this association, so knights all have a wisdom about them and this knight of Swords shows his wisdom in the form of his thoughts and ideas. He is a good problem solver through the aha moments in the bath or whilst on the move.

There is a feeling of speed and travel with this card- particularly flight, so on the mundane level trips abroad and anything connected with swift movement through air is indicated here.

A person represented by this card is someone who is clever, skilful, subtle and also follows their own inspired thoughts for good of bad – there is a sense of attack in some situations – whether it is attacking a problem for the good or a more forceful manner than is actually needed. The side it falls on can be told from surrounding cards or intuition. This person does think things through and gathers data to back up his plans, but everything is done very quickly and with great focus. There is not the slow deliberation that is associated with more earthy characters. With this speed there is also the possibility of changes in direction – not in a scattered way so much as the ability to be flexible when the need arises.

Queen of Swords

This month’s card to explore is the Queen of Swords.

Queen of Swords in the Thoth (a well shuffled version!)
Queen of Swords in the Thoth (a well shuffled version!)

The queens in the Thoth are connected with Binah and so a mature feminine force. Binah is often considered restrictive, as the womb is restrictive it is also a place for growth and the new – but with boundaries. The queen here is also very boundaried and in the realm of the swords we see the mastery of thoughts, used in a way to nurture the self and others. We see her removing a mask, it is as if she is able to remove the mask she herself may have worn once, the thoughts she used to conceal her naked vulnerability from herself and the world. Now she can be seen in full and is facing both her own truth and sees the truth in those before her too. She weld the sword of discernment and will cut away all the superfluous untruths and allow the raw core of things to be seen unfettered with apology or judgement.

As such often she represents someone working in the field of counselling or psychotherapy with the ability to cut to the core of things, the ability to be genuine, yet boundaried, with clients and the insight to understand and help change thought patterns that are unhelpful on the path to ones own truth and Self. She nurtures the birth of the true self in our thoughts. She is the watery aspect of air so emotional logic which connects well with the field of psychotherapy and other emotional therapies.

She also represents a trustworthy honest friend who can witness our journey without casting judgement or needing us to do things their way.

her openness and vulnerability are her strengths and allow her to step outside of a situation and view it dispassionately whilst also holding her own person response. Her position on the clouds in the image reflects this perspective well also.

As court cards are also parts of us and not just who we find ourself attracting, though the process is the same – we attract people who show us parts of ourselves. in the same way in a reading this card can be both someone in the life of the querant as well as the querant themselves.

So the querant will have all these qualities coming from within themselves and using them to navigate the world. There is a need to drop masks to allow the vulnerability to be their strength. To get to the truth of the matter and to see their own thoughts truthfully, discerning what is mental chatter and discomfort and what is actually at the core.

It may well be that the querant has to use their ability to hold their own thoughts and perceptions in one hand and listen clearly to another with empathy through the other before making any response. And when a response is made it is not to be judgemental but discerning, having compassion and seeing that the others perception is likely to be spot on from their point of view, but your own point of view might tell a different story for you and you follow your own perceptions allowing the other theirs. Conflict is sorted by owning one’s feelings and acting for oneself, listening well and ensuring that what you have heard it is communicated back – even if it is something you actually disagree with. you don’t have to go along with someone’s ideas to listen to them fully.

She is the master of intention and able to think clearly about what is best in a situation. Insight and discernment working together well. She often is seen in service to others as she is one who, having seen, wants to take action to help another’s position.

Some may see her as cutting if she speaks a truth that is not ready to be heard, though it doesn’t bother her that someone has a negative opinion of her, she is more concerned with having the truth out, knowing the truth sets us free even if it is a painful birth sometimes.


10 Swords – Ruin

This month’s card to explore is the 10 Swords with the keyword Ruin. Many people find this one of the more challenging cards to receive in a reading as we have a tendency to fear that we literally will experience the ruin of our entire lives. If reading for ourselves this is doubly scary as this card does appear when we do indeed fear this to be the case – we might be scared we are about to lose our job and then our house and family to boot with no income to hold our lifestyle together.


However this card is usually talking about this fear – the fear, not the actual experience, of ruin. As we fear things will just get worse and worse until our lives are shattered around us so we feel immobilised and scared about all our actions and decisions. Sometimes this can bring about events that serve to confirm our worst fears. However we can look at the card and see the symbolism of the heart in the center with light shining all around it as showing us that we are actually on the brink of a turning point. The difficulties we have been experiencing to this point are about to turn around and the light and joy of the heart about to grow and become stronger and stronger in our lives if we do not allow the fear to take over but face it head on.

Technically looking at the card we see it is a 10 which corresponds to the ending of something in numerology and the implied renewal, and swords being thoughts we have the ending of our thoughts being the only driving force in our world; thay may feel very powerful when this card is active though.

In the Kabbalah the 10’s are at the malkuth node of the Kabbalah. This is the final most earthly point of each of the worlds. The world of the swords is about the mental facilities and how we conceive of the world intellectually. This card indicates how our thoughtforms can create physical situations, but at this level we are being tested in a sense. Having experienced difficulties with our thoughts further up the tree as we try and manifest our highest thoughts, so here at the earthly level of Malkuth we see that we have done all we can with our thoughtform energy and now something more physical must happen to continue to bring our dreams to reality. We have to shift from thinking to doing (the world of the disks). As we make this transition some of our ideas have to be refined and we are tested in our ability to hold positive visions of what we want to create as we face physical issues that now have to be overcome on the final stage of the journey into creation on the Earth. In a sense it is the ruin of the intellect, we can no longer trust to our thoughts alone we have to move forward and do something and trust our journey thus far has strengthened us to overcome the fears our intellect can place before us. As we view the energy this way so we can overcome the possibility of creating our own worst fears by ‘running away’ into our obsessiveness.

It is sun in gemini and so represents thoughts changing (mutable gemini) and running all over the place in an ungrounded way. Gemini’s quick-to-change energy being out of control. We can harness this and recognise that we also do have the ability to use this fluidity of thinking to find the way forward into the physical world and find solutions to any real problems that arise in creative ways. We can also discern when our thinking is merely circular and fear based, rather than based on any real evidence. This distinction helps us know what is just purely fear based on no evidence, and what is actually an issue that needs to have some action taken to make a change occur. Once we see the difference, the actions needed can be taken, remembering to let go of negative expectations (met in the 7), and fears of defeat (met in the 5).

We see this process demonstrated as we fear the job change will ‘all go wrong’ rather than be exactly the breakthrough we have been seeking. We see it as the money almost running out – giving us the fear will will not be able to continue living in our house, yet it is only a transition and we need to place our trust in ourselves; that our journey on life is exactly what we need to develop into our fullest and highest version of ourselves. We see it in the fear that our partner’s desire for space means they are no longer in love with us, or the fear that our speaking up for what we know we need with push our partner away.

We may need to be active in following our heart’s desire in spite of the fear, rather than to submit to it at this point, allowing the fear to stop us going forward to find the new, more rewarding job, or to check our income and outgoings and make changes for now to help us move successfully through the transition. To allow ourselves to trust that our relationship will be able to hold up to each partner being able to live their own individual needs as well as nurture the relationship. As we do this so the light of our heart grows in strength.

We see the five upper swords pointing towards the tiphareth and this shows how our connection with our spirit and dreams (tiphareth) and our balance is attacked by our fears, the moon on the hilt of the sword at Malkuth and the sun on the one at yesod suggesting the unconscious is becoming conscious so we see our fears; our lack of self-belief and self-value; the things we most dislike about ourselves, as we are challenged to move through this energy with awareness and the on into our dreams with a more balanced practical approach.  The seeing of our shadow can be a powerful opportunity for growth and brings into the light how we negatively view ourselves. Once in the light we can work with our self belief and come to see ourselves as more valuable, lovable and loved and so attract this into our lives as we release this transition.

7 Swords

This month I am looking at the 7 swords. The 7 is Netzach on the Kabbalah this is the sphere of Venus it is the place of victory over things. It is also a place of illusion – things not being quite how they seem. This card is the 7 swords so it is an imbalance in one’s thoughts and the mental realm. However there is a sense of victory and these low expectations, and illusory thoughts can be overcome if one puts one’s mind to it. The larger central sword representing the will to overcome the smaller, yet many, objections to the idea, plan or situation. This card is very much about overcoming a negative attitude and forging onwards with your plans despite there being a bit of a mental struggle.


Looking at the card each sword has a symbol on its hilt and represents a style of objection to the will of the Self – The sun on the main sword hilt. So starting from the left we have

Two rings – Snuffin sees these as representing the moon and the influence of the unconscious hidden feelings and motives within us holding us back, where as Hajo Banzhaf sees this as representing the illusion from Neptune, intuitively I sometimes see this as representing two rings of thought – two visions on what is needed in a situation and the fluctuation from one to another.

Venus – objections of beauty – how things will seem, what will it/I look like if I follow my plan

Mars – It’s too much energy – you are doing it for the wrong reasons – self attack and anger turned in preventing you from moving forwards

Jupiter – The desire to expand and the impatience of it not happening now, also the feeling of it being too big a goal or task to achieve, its impossible

Mercury – Everything is slipping through your fingers – it’s too late – you have already got too far behind – you will never catch up.

The final sword is also in dispute about what it is ‘supposed’ to mean with Snuffin suggesting it represents a link to the higher realms of the Kabbalah, and as such is even understanding and intuition is affected by the struggle, it is the time when you don’t know whether your intuition is speaking or whether it has been affected by fears and want to achieve in equal portion leaving you unable to truly connect with the pure source. Hajo Banzhaf sees this symbol as representing Saturn and so it represents a stubbornness and inability to set oneself free from the negative thoughts and influences.

This card is about this inner struggle we have at times, but the strongest force – our true selves – can indeed win over as we realise our objections and those we have heard on the outside are just reflections of our fears and negative expectations. We can rise above it and move forward with ease as we let go of our fears. In many ways we can see this as being representative of our shadow selves wanting to be heard, whilst we ignore them and battle on it is hard work, however if we turn to listen to each objection in turn and hear it understand its fear and foundation and then say I hear you and I am going to continue with the plan so you transmute the difficulty and become the wise leader of your inner selves.

9 Swords – Cruelty

This months randomly drawn card is 9 swords. This is one of the harsher cards to see in a reading – at least at first look – with its damaged swords dripping with blood – it is like we have done battle, yet arranged in an orderly fashion it seems the battle has become a habit or pattern. The blood droplets are also mirrored by opalescent droplets higher up and we get the sense of healing energy coming from higher realms to transform and heal wounds.


This card is talking about inner pain – in its unaddressed form this inner pain will likely manifest externally for us in the form of someone being verbally (usually) cruel to us, and our experiencing anger and rage over being mistreated in the present day.

Astrologically we see Mars in Gemini which can show this rage or passion of mars expressed through thoughts and words of Gemini (and very much swords related), sharp harsh words are had, there may be a feeling of needing revenge and a sense of power over someone. The heart of the matter can be ignored. Eventually though this type of feeling and experience leads us to seek more and to have the courage to go within and explore the inner pain and torture we put ourselves through because of our historical experiences. Healing can then begin as described below. In a reading it may be suggested this cruelty is being experienced externally in some situation – however focusing on the internal side leads to a more final resolution of the problem, and a deeper healing in the client.

So in interpretation this card is very much about the cruelty we inflict upon ourselves, repeatedly telling ourselves we are wrong, worthless, useless, and not good enough. The battle was once fought out in the external world, often with one of our primary caregivers, and we were never able to stand up for ourselves enough. We may have decided it was safer to agree with the caregiver and see ourselves as indeed not good enough, and so start to internalise the cruelty, which was often emotional of nature, deep in ourselves.

That time may be long over – now however we repeat the pattern of behaviour to ourselves cruelly criticising who we are – our loves, our feelings, our ways of being, in order to feel safe. As adults though we can not make another choice. This card brings the issue to our attention to understand our own ways of being cruel to ourselves. ONce in our consciousness the next step is to begin to change what we say to ourselves. We can use affirmation for this, but often the pattern is so deeply ingrained in order to really allow a new affirmation in we first have to experience the pain of the original wound and emotionally understand we were being treated harshly. ONce we have emotionally felt our own decision to keep ourselves safe in our history it becomes much easier to then change the way we treat ourselves now.

Visualising a child part of ourselves can help this process along. Then getting to know, love and listen to this part of ourselves with compassion is a good deal of the way to healing our negative voice. It may be we need to separate out the part of ourselves doing the criticism too, and allow a more open dialogue between the two sides so a renewed trust can be built between the two. We have internalised the perpetrator and though we can not change anyone outside ourselves we can heal and change the internal form, set boundaries for its expression and gain a deep understanding of the underlying motives for the cruelty – which invariably we for protection from some imagined (or even real) threat of some sort in the eyes of the perpetrator.

This card brings this powerful healing to our attention – the possibility for it and the timing cue “Now the time is right to address this”. It is often useful in readings to pick an extra card as response to the question: “What will my life look like when I address this issue (or stop treating myself cruelly)?” The card that comes as response to this helps us hold a positive image and outcome rather than pictorially reinforcing our cruelty by holding the 9 swords in our minds. Of course if this second card is also challenging then we repeat this approach with that card, a series of challenging cards suggesting the process of healing is going to take some time and that there are more complex aspects to the underlying pain that need to be addressed to come to full healing.

I welcome any comments you may have on these ideas here.

Prince of Swords

This month I am going to look and chat about the card – Prince of Swords. This card has many different aspects and as a court card can both represent a person with certain qualities as well as the querants own self, qualities they are expressing and also events around the querant.

Prince Swords

As an event this card is talking about cutting off from someone or some people. The idea being that you need to be following your own path and not be influenced by others who are not actually in your shoes. It is time to break patterns of behaviour that leave you feel trapped and either unable to move forward or any movement made is difficult as you are pulled in many directions. This aspect can be seen easily through the figures that are trying to pull the chariot – each in a different direction the chariot not moving very much at all. You are in charge though and have the sword of discernment to cut those free who are going in a different direction to you – so you can put all your energy into your own goals and thus move forward much faster.

On an internal level these diverse pulls can be coming from different aspects of oneself each wanting a different thing and when this card comes up it is time to make some clear decisions about what your direction really is and to heal voices or decisions from the past that may be trying to stop you.

In relationships if this card comes up it is very likely that the relationship it refers to is needing to split as each is pulling in a different direction, sometimes there is hope of resolution if both parties can speak openly about their direction and agree to differ and not hinder the other from their pathway, however more often than not it has come to a point where each person has learned what they needed to from the other and it is time to go separate ways.

This is a swords card and in a person of youthful age, so represents someone who is logical and clear thinking – who will find solutions to problems and no longer allow blocks to get in the way of their progress. Obstacles can be removed by applying logic and will to the issue. However this is the healing power of the card, often when first active in your life there will be a sense of jumping about from one goal to the next – one place to the next not quite committing to anything and dissipating your energies – however what is called for is to not please everyone and to get clear about what of the myriad of possibilities really speaks to your heart. Usually it is actually quite clear what way is the way to go, but it is the fear of cutting off options that prevents that decision from taking place. This card suggests it is time and you will lose nothing by letting go of the paths you know are not the right ones right now.

Rational thinking can be a curse as well as a gift, You can dream ideas and plans but do nothing with any of them, get stuck in analysis whilst never getting to the emotional core of the situation. The application of what has heart and meaning to you is needed to fully use the discrimination and mental activity of this card and character. Often whether this is available can be seen from the surrounding cards.

The yellow suggests mental powers and possibly self-esteem coming from recognition of intelligence, the green is the desire – the drive – the feeling of loving each idea that arises, and also the idea of using love as a force to decide between pathways which each bring their positive qualities to you. As you immerse yourself in a deep love for who you are your decision becomes clearer.

4 swords – Truce

This card is one of balance in the realm of the mind.

There is a place of seeming peace that has been reached – yet this has come by way of compromise there is a force represented by Jupiter of desire to move things on and expand, to grow – but Jupiter in Libra has that balancing force of Libra acting on it preventing full expansion unless all desire it. The peace is kept at all costs. When this comes up it is a time to allow the balance to be as it is for the time being – recovery and recuperation can take place in this period of time. No striving, just resting with things as they are. It can be a good time to begin to realise what will need to change when the energy shifts from this place. Anything that has been sacrificed to bring this peace will need to be recovered for truth to be reclaimed and integrity regained. It is a force of love that is keeping this balance – there is no error. Awareness is needed though and the strength to allow the waters to be stirred when the time is right. What has been un said will need to be communicated, what has been conveniently forgotten needs to be remembered. The blue of communication in the background it punctuated by the yellow of self-esteem. The self-esteem and desire for the truth is building in this phase, whilst the situation is stable. The rose of love and beauty in the center is being held back by the swords coming to this focal point of seeming peace. Only when the courage to face the truth is taken then can the rose truly be seen in its full glory. So gather your strength and resources and make ready for the uncovering of the truth. For the truth will set you free. The cross is a protective symbol you may have been kept from the truth by another and their motivation may have been one of protection and the idea that protecting you from the truth would hurt less – however this premise is false and needs to be challenged as you have the strength and self-esteem to face the truth and once it is known it can be dealt with effectively. So do not keep the peace with others to protect them rather understand that there is a great respect in knowing someone has all skills needed to deal with whatever the truth is in a situation.

Affirmations to go with this card include:-

I am at peace within myself
The trust sets me free
When I am at peace in myself nothing can disturb me
I trust that I and others have all the skills we need to face the truth of the situation

Queen of Swords

This months card for you all is the Queen of Swords, a card I have a great fondness for.

Queen of Swords in the Thoth (a well shuffled version!)
Queen of Swords in the Thoth (a well shuffled version!)

She is a woman who can stand back from the situation – her naked top shows she is open and her heart connection with others is unhindered and at the same time she is able to stand back emotionally from any situation and use her sword of discernment to see whether the situation is for her higher good. She makes an excellent counsellor – someone who you can go to with your troubles assured that she will not get over involved or attached to whatever decision to decide to make and will support you throughout your journey on the path ahead. She is depicted as in the clouds and higher giving her a higher perspective too which also helps her give good advice and support as well as understand the bigger picture. She has removed her own masks yet still has the ability to use them when needed. She can relate to others need for privacy and masks to. Her favourite mask is one of silence and withheld behaviour – helping her stay detached – at times overly so. but in the main she is someone to trust. The clouds are of air and she is rational in her approach though knows her heart she will not act upon it without a rational knowing alongside. It can be that at times she rationalises her emotions too much and keeps the talking and thinking about it going without grounding this with action or actual feeling the situation she is involved with.

As with all court cards these qualities can be seen as part of the persons development who the reading is for, their need to take this position or their need to let go of it. As well as representing someone in the life of the querant who is important in the situation for some reason. Often both can be true and applicable as we often attract people to us who mirror elements of ourselves we are needing to study further to either increase their action on our life – bringing the counsellor out in us for instance, or that we need to let go of, the actual person in life perhaps bringing conflict to show the inner conflict when an extreme use of the Queen of Swords is not helpful in life and that more balance is needed. As the tarot reflects our position in life so to those around us, and we can do a reading for ourselves by looking at who are attracting at any one time to see what elements of ourselves we are working with. Bringing more love to those parts of ourselves we dislike and also balancing those parts we over do.

What does she say to you now? Are you in need of a listening, impartial ear to help you right now? Do you sometimes withdraw and intellectualise to avoid feeling your feelings?

Ace of Swords

This month’s card for you all is the Ace of Swords. This card is an ace and as such representative of new beginnings in general – being the suit of swords then this beginning would be on a mental level, and is associated with air. You can tie this with new plans, turning over a new leaf and making clear decisions about your future – where you want to go, what you will need to do to get there and setting your intentions. All creations and activities begin with a thought and this card is about getting clear in your thoughts and as you do so the path before you opening up and becoming clearer too.

Ace Swords

As you look at the card we have a sword pointing up towards the heavens, you can see this as the sword of discernment, the sword which will allow you to cut away the options that are not for your highest good and to embrace those that will carry you forward in your life in a positive growing sense. The sword can be seen to be focused on this highest plane as it points upwards, and this indicates that will to create the highest reality on Earth that you can at the time.

We can see it coming out of clouds – leaving behind confusion and doubts, the air clears and the truth can be seen and known and once the truth is revealed then decisions become a lot easier to make about your next steps. The sun in the background a reminder that it is a new day and new beginning and also that the day begins from a place a high self-esteem, self-love and confidence. This card often appears after a time of worry or confusion and when you have going round and round in your mind for so long you are now able to make a clear decision – your self-confidence increases as a result of making the decisions that are necessary. Speaking the truth to those who need to hear your point of view. Clearing the air in cases of conflict and allowing you to be free of any entrapments and able to walk your path forward on your own destiny rather than anyone elses.

I see the crown around the sword as spirits crowning and support of whatever you decide at this time, as you use your intellect to make the decisions needed and put your intention to spirit then spirit can respond by setting the wheels in motion to create your desire. It is a good time to write a list of the qualities of the type of life you are trying to create, type of event, or type of relationship as you get your own intellectual mind clear about what you are wanting then you also send a message to spirit and allow things to take the direction you intend.

Our intentions are more powerful than you can image, our intentions shape the life that unfolds before us, when we are not clear then the results are also not clear as we become discerning and focused we also set about the energy to create clear and focused outcomes in our future.

The symbols on the sword are the word of the Law, the sword is the one used by the magus in magical rites of creation and the snake of the handle is the energy of transformation that flows through the discerning sword as it cuts away the unchosen and illuminates the choices made to bring the required change into being.

IT is however the beginning of the journey and not the result or harvest of your dreams and desires, you are setting things in motion but much may happen on the journey to creation being complete. This card however does have you setting off with a good start.

6 Swords – Science

6 Swords – Science
This month I picked a card with the intention of “what card do the people on this list need to know about this month” I picked out 6 Swords Science. This card was one of the cards I had difficulty with for a long time, it seemed unintelligible somehow. However I have come to know it well and appreciate its lessons. I will just talk here about the associations that have built up for me over the years and how it has come to show itself to me..

6 swords

So the basics, as a 6 it is a perfected number and corresponds to the position of Tiphareth on the Qabala and this is the position of beauty and perfection of heaven on earth. So it is the peak of the swords suit here. The place where the intellect is at its highest point. Understanding all the world in an intellectual sense. On the card are the windmills of air showing movement and flux of the winds I feel rapid thought and understanding too . On a personal level it is that feeling when you feel you are suddenly coming to understand things that were once a mystery to you – the click and ah-har moment we experience at various times in our lives. 

So this card is associated with science in the general sense of the word – logic, computers, information and communication of these ‘facts’ However this is only one aspect there is a deeper level – the sense of how the universe makes sense and the universal laws of spirit. You can see the cross in the center as a representation of this. This card I feel is about coming to that understanding of how the world ‘really’ works from a spiritual perspective. Understanding the spiritual laws deep in yourself. You may at one time read about concepts of manifestation, magick and the spiritual laws written by mystics and masters throughout the ages, but this is only the beginning, real understanding only comes when these writings are internalised and become a part of your knowing – this card is about that knowing… the sense that you knew the words all along about a concept but that one event or click that has happened means that suddenly you feel the knowledge as part of you, you ‘know’ in the deeper sense of the word. Often it is a place you come to which when you try to describe what you ‘know’ you find yourself using phrases and concepts that seem well-known to both yourself and others, and it is hard to explain what the real difference is when you really understand the concept you have known on the surface for such a long time. 

So this card is about learning and about studying – both on the surface knowledge of something – as well as the deeper ‘knowing’ of something. This knowing brings with it a feeling of self-esteem as you understand your own position within the world and knowledge – represented by the yellow surrounding some of the shapes. 

There is also a sense that you can step even further along this process – you have the logical understanding of the world and then the click of knowing, to the final stage of creating sometime new. Having original thought and being able to come to a new understanding that perhaps another has not fed you in any way. Something out of your own creative well. Not creativity in the sense of self-expression but more in the sense of creating new concepts and thought forms to describe and explain the world out there or within. 

There is balance and harmony of thought here. Taking a step into more mundane readings this card also might indicate a group working well together to create ideas and solutions that are more than a sum of the parts or people who come together. A braintank, brainstorm, to come to group solutions. I would also indicate work with computing, information delivery and data related things in all forms. 

The underlying nature of the world can be expressed through geometry, numbers and mathematical concepts, this card can also represent the mathematical ways we express the world around us and on a mundane level this card could indicate a skill with figures and understanding of the science of the world in the usual sense. With science at its edges of exploration becoming as if a spiritual system, or coming as a way to talk of events known by spiritual students for many years, quantum physics, electromagnetics, kirlian photography etc, the boundaries between science and spiritual beliefs merges – I feel this card shows us how the two can be united. 

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