Queen Disks

I apologise for missing a few blog posts over recent months – things have been busy with me. I am here this month though and we are going to take a look at one of the court cards – Queen of Disks..


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She sits amongst the richness of an aspidistra plant looking back over a winding path with little vegetation. So often this card indicates in practice that someone is reflecting over the past – which has been an arduous journey. There has been little sustenance on the way and little support as well as the feeling that the direction or destination is either unknown or constantly changing – just when you think you have an idea whats coming then life takes a whole new turn. However in this card it is over – that journey is now being reflected upon and the path can be seen as a whole and how everything was really for the best as it has brought you to your current place of abundance of nourishment and a deep trust in yourself. You got through it, supported yourself and were able to overcome challenges. As you recognise this consciously now you find future challenges less onerous as you know you can believe in yourself and in the natural unfolding of the way forward – even as it twists and turns unexpectedly.

The shield is a natural protection you have won for yourself, the goat a symbol of being able to move easily in otherwise difficult terrain, and also of creativity and the support of nature. The headdress a connection to higher realms as your guiding impulse and the septre of power you have earned. All is well – though there may be tears shed of sadness, or relief, of release of holding it all together. This passes easily and the strength in you remains. You have learned going with the flow of life as a step of power.

These are my initial feelings about this card, and very often how it shows in a reading – if we look at the technical aspects and correspondences we can see how these add or fit to this initial viewpoint and experience of the card.

So the wand has a hexagram inside a cube on its tip – this is representing the sun in the earth and as such the fertility of the land – we have come to a firtile place. a place of confidence and self esteem (Sun)  in practical matters (Earth). The goat on the orb is Sun in Capricorn – part of the decan this card covers, and as such represents the hard work, creative energy, and determined focus of Capricorn. We traveled the path, working hard to move along all the way and now have honed our ability to work at our creative pursuits on an inner and outer level. She is the watery part of earth and so uses intuitive understanding to help manifest things in their material form. She is also a nurturer, as the planet earth nurtures and provides for us so she represents being nourished physically – with food, exercise and healthy living, though can also indicate unhealthy consumption of food or natural drugs if positioned in a difficult place in a reading. She does generally represent the idea of surrender to the flow of things being a power. As Crowley said “She represents passivity, usually in its highest aspect”

4 disks – Power

This card is all about structure, solidity and strength in the physical world. Things have certainly manifested in the world in the fours, the first step downwards from the spiritual planes on the Kabbalah. Here we see strong square shapes and an image like a fortress. So we have a sense of power in keeping things out and also in keeping things in – the draw bridge shows the control we have on what and who we let in and what and who we keep out. We use our personal power to make these decisions. Sometimes it is needed that we shut the door on the world and keep our own counsel, sometimes we need to allow others in – those close to us and who we trust into our inner sanctum. The turrets have the symbols of the various elements on them – earth, water, fire and air. Spirit is missing, and there is a sense that this is a very material card. and all the elements come together to make the material world – we could get too caught up in the physicality – the ‘thing’ we have and would like, the practical things we have to do, and we forget to use these ‘things as vehicles to reach more spiritual perspectives. The castle as sanctuary where we find the space to hear our inner voice and the voice of spirit, or the castle to show off to others.

4 disks

This is sun in Capricorn which also has this dichotomy – often associated with hard work and reliability, Capricorn is good at being self motivated and making income and a secure life financially. Often forgotten is the aspect of sun in Capricorn which is highly spiritual and that the need for solitude contemplation, quietness and stillness are equally important to Capricorn’s balance. We see this balance here in the card in the form of having the choice to create the life we want by using our personal power. As we do so we gain the space we need and protect it at all costs, we also gain access to our own inner worlds and know how to use our emotions as information to aid our protection and access our intuition.

Very often when this appears in a reading we are looking at a situation where we need to get down to making some pragmatic and practical decisions and also we are needing to be strong in our beliefs and what we hold as correct. We are challenged not to give our personal power away, but to take it fully and act in the world to make our lives as we need them to be. We need discernment in order to understand where and to whom to say no. Sometimes drawing up the bridge and taking space even if others want more of us.




Prince of Disks

This months card to explore is the Prince of Disks.

prince of disks

We see here earthy colours of the disks suit and a sense of determination in the ox’s motion forward. There is the idea of nothing will stop this man – even if the terrain gets difficult obstacles will be overcome. The prince himself is naked and has the innocence of youth with him. He has no need to make pretenses or to cover his motivations he is open and honest about what he is doing – very much what you see is what you get. he has charge of the ox but is not controlling so much that he won’t allow the ox to move as needed to overcome difficulties. Thus he trusts the path before him and is allowing his instincts and animal nature to inform him of what needs to be done when. I always see a strong connection to nature with this card and sometimes herbalism too with the plants and flowers in the background. Sometimes appearing as if they are diagrams in medical books . There is the idea of seeds being ready to germinate and life about to be set in motion after a time of stillness. He is associated with meditation and also with having done the inner work needed to create what he needs for his spirit in the physical world.

The Sceptre with the ball and cross represents the alchemical idea of the Great Work; the inner journey we all have to go on to find our true spirit. He contacted his true self and now has the ability to navigate forward in full trust of himself and his spirit. He is a very practical man though – one who plans well and is practical in all aspects, he works hard and is down to earth about things. Generally not emotional he is in touch with the nature of the world though. His spirituality shows through practical action rather than esoteric ideas. The orb in his left hand can be seen like the Earth and he has in his mind the good of all rather than personal goals with his plans and can often represent someone who works in positions concerned for the environment of the natural world in some way.

This is a very ‘worky’ card generally, talking of tasks and actions to be taken if not someone’s actual employment in life. This card is also connected with the movement into Taurus from Aries and you can see the Taurean bull on his headdress. Taurus is a fixed sign and reliable in nature. You can depend upon this person. They are likely to be interested in food in some way and may sometimes be overly stubborn, though usually this is a positive staying power rather than obstructive in nature.  They are also concerned with sensuality and are very in touch with their physical body and perhaps like to do some form of exercise that is connected with strength (as opposed to dynamic movement)

As this is a prince card it is seated at Tiphareth on the Kabbalah and as such represents the meeting of the physical world with spirit. He is the physical conduit for spirit – the messenger in a physical way. This physicality can include beauty, sensuality, food, shelter as well as the material needs of life in terms of money and work.

3 Disks – Works

This month’s card to explore is the 3 disks. This card immediately appears to us as a stability in the midst of external forces. It holds strong and balanced, and despite the wheels depicted on each corner it holds steady, any movement is slow. However success in the direction you are going is likely with continued effort.


Each corner of the triangle can be seen as mind, body and soul, and each area is developing in pace with the others – this can make progress seem slow, but also will ensure what is built is solid and reliable. So in our own development all aspects of ourselves are growing in unison and we would be wise to allow it to take the time it takes and be patient, rather than rushing forward. What is built will be founded on truth.

This card is connected astrologically with Mars in Capricorn. Mars is exulted in Capricorn so we see the positive benefits of the Mars energy – the determination to see something through within the given constraints which we can see as the Saturnian energy of Capricorn (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn) This also shows the successful building of anything we are focused on. We don’t give up on projects that may have obstacles to overcome, and we are more easily able to extend the patience needed for growth.

Sulphur, salt and mercury symbols are indicated on the corners of the central pyramid. These are from the alchemical system of thought and represent the Self – mercury, coming together with the Will – sulphur, and being expressed through the body – salt.  So how we express our true Will here on the earthly plane. Thus activities and creations done under this card’s influence are the expression of who we truly are, or rather in a reading for best results we need to act from our deepest thoughts, ideas and inspirations to bring about something that really expresses who we are. It is possible to create something of real value here. And to feel that what we are doing is actually representing who we are at this time.

Ace Disks

This months Thoth focus is on the Ace Disks.

The initial impression of this card is that it is very Earthy and also many layered like a tree with its rings. One might expect this as the Disks relate the the Earth Element. We could relate the rings of growth to the experience of the previous elements through the minor cards, or looking at the Kabbalah through the other worlds as spiritual energy descends to earth through the four Kabbalistic worlds.  Starting with the realm of fire (Atziluth) in the Wands and ending with the realm of the Earth (Assiah) in the Disks.

Crowley makes clear in the Book of  Thoth that he intends the Earth to represent matter and the material of our world rather than a mundane association with money or coins. The Aces are at Kether where all potential of the realm exist and then begin their descent into full manifestation the further down the tree of life we travel.

In terms of meaning hear we have the potential of all practical things to manifest. Much behinds us in the other realms now there is less resistance to full physical manifestation of our dreams. It is the entrance into the creating of our own reality the groundwork having been done.

When this card appears in a spread then all the internal work we have been doing is about to produce physical changes in our physical world – we have the option to choose how we would like to direct this energy, we may be at planning stage, or ideas stage, but whatever we decide upon can come to be.

In the naming of this suit as disks rather than coins we also have the sense of spinning things, such as planets, stars and other movable bodies of matter. There is a sense of movement even if it is not directly discernible sometimes.

Certainly this card speaks of a lot of potential available to be expressed, and as all aces it heralds new beginnings particularly of a practical nature.  Security and stability are also well aspected here.  The green shows a good deal of growth and potential particularly in an organic sense; where something naturally grows rather than manifesting the desired outcome from the start. This allows our desire to start small, like a seed, and grow into the shape it does over time, with our nudges and reading of the environment as time progresses. Often this leads to a stronger structure in the longer term.

5 Disks

This card is all about the struggle on the physical level – 5’s are about the struggle and strife to attain the perfection of the 6’s – it is an inherent part of achievement – the work that goes into it and as this card is a disks card the level we are working on is the physical level.


The pentagram is shown reversed and the point that goes downwards usually is pointing to the sky and this is where the physical world has become more dominant than the spiritual. The card shows how we are putting material concerns about the spiritual concerns and so are out of balance. When the physical world is in service to the spiritual then things are in the right place and role and this card challenges us to do just that. To drop our worries about the material plane – work, finances, home, organisational issues etc and look to the spiritual perspective to help us through this period of time.

The darkened blue is the difficulty in communicating clearly and the yellow the struggle for self worth and self esteem to show through, though the yellow also feels as if it is making progress and certainly all is not lost at this point.

Each point of the pentagram is representing an element – earth, air, fire, water and spirit and each of these needs to be in balance and in its right place for creation to flow.

We see too the card is connected to Mercury in Taurus – This can be seen as the card having the positive attributes of the patience needed to thoroughly think things through and come to a practical and workable solution, but also with the 5 energy in the card that this practical approach is sometimes not enough alone and we have to reach up to our spiritual higher view of the situation to see more creative and self honouring possibilities to clear the worry of the situation.

Affirmations connected to this card are of the nature of….
I allow creative solutions to arise by being present in the now
I communicate openly and easily
I honour myself and my needs

8 Disks

Keyword: Prudence

This card shows us how the energy of the 7 disks is recovered from. What was fearful and difficult now becomes approachable. There is a change of heart – whilst still some caution applies from the left over experience of the 7 disks. There is renewed confidence and ability to speak out – the yellow-orange of the background shows a background of confidence and solid self-assurance. The tree on the card shows good strong roots going deep into the earth. Though the new flowers are protected there is a really strong base of fertility that they are springing from.


So this card talks about renewed confidence, and also the ability to take things step by step – moving forward yet not rushing anything. The foundation of the situation is strong and rooted in fertile soil. So in matters of business a project has good solid foundation for success and is reliable, a relationship is on good footings. However it is not the time to take risks nor to reveal all your plans and hopes.

The card is an 8 so on the Kabbalah this is Hod – the position of mercury and of splendour – there is a dedication to the truth and to integrity in all things. So we see in this card despite a withholding there is also high integrity and what is held back is not done so out of manipulative methods – but more of self-protection and of the need to nurture further before allowing a new idea into the world to be assessed and judged in any way.

This card is one of gaining strength, protection yourself and honouring your own need to have things feeling right before a risk or commitment is taken.

Astrologically it is Sun in Virgo and so is about perfection and striving for the best in all things. It is also about service to something higher.

There is a link with geomacy with this card as there was in last months tip – the flowers are arranged as the geomantic figure populus. Populus is about people and community and how others around us show us ourselves. In this card I feel the link is connected to the service aspect of virgo and though we may not reveal our full selves to those around us at the moment – we have the strength and self-confidence to be able to put ourselves forward into the community to be of service to others. Perhaps giving a hand in a community project, helping someone or something get off the ground by simple yet effective offers of practical help.

10 Disks Wealth

This is a powerful card and possibly the greatest manifester in the deck – being a 10 it is the end of the suit of disks, and the corresponding position on the tree of life (Kabbalah) is Malkuth – the place at which the physical universe is manifest. Disks is the realm of the physical too so there is a double reference to things being physical and concrete in the world.

10 disks

It is connected to Mercury in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo and so these two are happy together, the energy of mercury bringing the energy of manifestation, creation and change into direct experience. Mercury brings energy and movement to skillful, attentive Virgo so we can use money wisely with this card. This card is also the last of the whole series of steps of manifesting spiritual reality into earthly form through all the pips cards starting with the Ace (Kether) of wands – where all is possible and going through the realm of spirit (wands), thought (swords), emotion(cups) and finally earth(disks) to come into being. The next step once this is achieved is to start again with a new manifestation so the 10 disks also takes us right back to the ace wands again with all its potential.

On the card are 10 disks arranged in the shape of the tree of life with the biggest disk at the bottom indicating the importance of this position in this card – the home of the 10 Each disk has a different symbol on – but they all are correspondences to Mercury – excepting the symbol at Hod on the tree of life (lowest coin on the Left hand side) This position is connected to Mercury anyway and the symbol here is the Sun, there is the implication here that the wealth and created things must be used and kept moving in order for more to continue to flow otherwise the 10 here becomes a stagnation and low energy card rather than one of continued wealth. The sun’s energy helping to keep things moving. So we are warned against greed and clinging to the wealth we are receiving.

In many ways when this card comes up it is telling us that we have all the wealth we need both financially, emotionally and inner skills, but that we must use these with skill and precision in order to keep things moving, allowing the energy to continue to flow rather than to stagnate in a pool. It is very much a time to get out there and show the world your riches on all levels and use them to make the world, including your own, a better place.