Enhancing your Tarot Skills

This course is designed as a stand alone course without the need for other courses to have been taken. You will need a basic understanding of the tarot though.

The Tutored Course

This course is an online course run as an independent course from the others we offer here. It can be seen as a course to just test the waters with the Thoth deck or to explore another deck in greater depth. The course adds further knowledge and skills to the other courses if you have already completed them, and supplements your skills with the tarot whatever deck you use.

It was originally designed for the Thoth deck alone but we have come to realise with some adjustment students have been able to gain from these techniques with whatever their favourite or choice of deck was. We are still coming from a more intuitive and psychological approach as we do for the Thoth courses so your work will contain some personal work and you are encouraged to be intuitive in your responses to the cards, as well as to gather knowledge of the areas covered.

The course will be held on our forum as the others are, where you will work with the tutor individually.


Please contact me using the form below to inquire about the next start date and to apply for a place. It runs for 8 weeks covering 4 topics with breaks for any school holidays it crosses.

A new topic will be set every 2 weeks; the first week is for doing the exercises for that topic, the second week is for responding to tutors comments on your work and to ask questions, and share comments. This enriches the experience.

Course Outline

  • Week 1 + 2: Introduction and Timing
  • Weeks 3 + 4: Analysing Dreams
  • Weeks 5 + 6: Animal Symbolism .
  • Weeks 7 + 8: Colour, feedback and goodbyes

Benefits of the course

  • Individual attention from the tutor – minimum 2 hours of tutor time each topic, so you get the attention you would in private lessons.
  • Consolidation of previous teachings if applicable
  • Short course so can decide commitment level
  • Inner growth
  • Personal experience with the deck of your choice and how the cards work with inner growth
  • Experience of reading for others
  • Digital course completion certificate, for all those who complete all exercises by the end of the feedback week.


£240 payable by cheque through PayPal or by cheque after being accepted on the course, payment in 2 installments can also be arranged – please enquire.

Course requirements are:

  • Basic tarot knowledge, general meanings etc.
  • Knowledge of spreads
  • Know how to go about a reading, connecting the cards together
  • Access to the internet and email regularly
  • Prepared to look at yourself – psychologically probing course (though not a therapy group)
  • Time for the exercises and to connect with the other members in the group. (estimate minimum 2 hours a week)

Send your Application in for this course now!

For your application write a short paragraph stating:

  • Name, address, email address for the course
  • How long you have been using the tarot
  • What decks you have and which you would like to use on this course.
  • Where you feel you are in your personal psychological development
  • Why you want to come on this course
  • If you are using the Thoth, whether your Thoth deck has 1 or 3 magus cards